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Evaluation of outer transparent film hexahedral folding packaging machine

working principle

nt6b-4 is mainly used to move the beam of the experimental machine. 00a/l transparent film hexahedral folding cold packaging machine is a medium packaging equipment that takes BOPP film as the packaging material to form three-dimensional hexahedral folding packaging. The small packing box is transported, stacked (in the required form and quantity), wrapped with film and folded to form a medium-sized package. Prepare for the subsequent packing process. Because this equipment does not have a heat sealing oven of a heat shrinkable packaging machine to heat the wrapped object as a whole, and adopts local instant low-temperature packaging, which will not cause temperature changes to the packaging in the box, it is relatively called a cold packaging machine. It can replace heat shrinkable packaging machine

equipment usage

the equipment is suitable for drug packaging, especially for drugs that are sensitive to temperature, such as biochemical drugs, vaccines, and fat fusible drugs. The transparent film can replace the white board medium box packaging. This elimination method: loosening the motor fixing screw machine can replace all kinds of heat shrinkable packaging machines. It is also applicable to the packaging of food industry, light industry, chemical industry, cosmetics, health products, electronic appliances, daily necessities and other products

equipment features

this machine avoids the occurrence of drug changes, drug plate deformation and other phenomena that may occur in the process of high-temperature heat shrinkage. It is especially suitable for the packaging of items that cannot be packaged by the heat shrinkable packaging machine due to heat effects (such as biochemical drugs, vaccines, fat soluble drugs, soft capsules, etc.)

the items packed by the machine in the next four years have moisture-proof, water-proof, oil-proof, dust-proof and anti-counterfeiting functions, which are convenient for storage. It can improve the appearance and decoration effect of products, improve the grade of products, and improve the added value of products. It is more competitive in the market and has more market prospects

low cost packaging. BOPP film is used as the main packaging material, which greatly reduces the packaging material cost compared with the white board carton, and the cost of each medium package is only about two cents. At the same time, the high efficiency of the machine also reduces the labor cost and management cost

the equipment adopts optical and electrical sensor detection, touch screen as the human-machine interface, PLC as the main controller, pneumatic and electric combined drive, coordinated action, and realizes high-quality, high stability, high reliability, high efficiency and fully automated operation

flexible configuration and strong adaptability. The equipment can be used alone, or it can form an automatic production line with cartoning machine and packing machine. It can be packed in a single box of medium-sized cartons, or a medium-sized package can be formed after stacking multiple small boxes

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