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Evaluation of Mountain Machinery sem918 grader

caterpillar launched a new mountain machinery sem918 grader at the BMW Shanghai exhibition, the annual industry event held in 2018. As soon as I inspected the world with symmetrical and detailed wear marks under the microscope, I was snapped up by customers. A 918 on the continuous exhibition platform was also in the "sold" state

such a popular product is mainly due to Caterpillar's decades of technological innovation and industry-leading manufacturing level. What are the advantages of this device that can make customers fall in love at first sight

load sensing hydraulic system low energy consumption and high efficiency

sem918 is equipped with variable piston pump of international famous brand, which can supply and regulate the flow and pressure for 48 hours on demand, and reduce the power consumption and calorific value of the hydraulic system. They plan to adopt this kind of lightweight composite plate spring concept to improve work efficiency. The proportional priority pressure compensation working valve using caterpillar technology can provide a predictable moving speed of the blade at a constant speed, making the operation simpler and more comfortable and the leveling effect better

the self-made bridge is reliable, durable, and has a stronger bearing capacity.

the 918 self-made mountain machinery has a heavy-duty rear drive axle and balance box. It adopts modular design, a four planet wheel side reduction mechanism, and cooperates with the oil bath to forcibly lubricate the sprocket shaft and bearings. It is reliable, durable, with a stronger bearing capacity, a significantly longer service life, and a lower maintenance cost. Equipped with external caliper disc brake, not only the braking distance is shorter, but also the brake friction plate is common with the loader of mountain machinery, which is convenient to replace. The frame adopts a box structure with flanges, giving consideration to strength and maintenance convenience

the blade is upgraded to be more wear-resistant and reduce the use cost

918 is equipped with an electronically controlled supercharged intercooled engine. It adopts a four valve structure, which allows more oil-gas mixing and lower fuel consumption. It also adopts a detachable traction frame ball head design, which can be replaced separately, and the operation is simple, greatly reducing the use cost. The new upgraded wear-resistant design of blade slide rail and alloy wear-resistant groove has a longer service life

humanized driving environment, more comfortable operation

the spacious and comfortable cab is located in the front frame, with a wide working field of vision and a comfortable operating environment; The joystick has reasonable layout, short stroke and small control force, which can realize the compound action of multi lever control

such a mountain mechanical grader with high efficiency, reliability, simple and comfortable operation and low maintenance cost is undoubtedly a necessary artifact for customers on their way to entrepreneurship. With the strong technical support and service network of caterpillar, Shangong machinery will provide "our high gloss materials with an elegant appearance similar to glass" products and services of "good quality, high guarantee and more affordable" to global customers, and create greater value for customers

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