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Evaluation and analysis of the value of additional printing and glazing units

visited the leaf machine manufacturers in Japan and Germany, and found that almost 80% of the printing machines are five color, six color, eight color and ten color machines, and many have glazing units added to the printing unit, and there are extended paper discharge racks for IR, hot air and UV drying, most of which are additional special colors in addition to four colors, double-sided coloration and glazing unit machines, Therefore, each leaf machine has six printing units on average. According to the integrity of the manufacturer, the four-color machine has low benefits because it provides too popular services, and even can't make money. Therefore, everyone will rush to buy more than four-color leaf machines with additional units

in fact, commercial rotary machines are no exception. When there are three or four rotary machines in a family, there will be a five unit commercial rotary machine, which corresponds to the special colors other than the four colors, because the wheels rub against each other at a regular speed. It is possible in principle to rewind and overprint the four colors after reprinting, but there are almost no monochrome and two-color rotary machines to process. Instead, there are five printing unit rotary machines, except for the five colors on both sides, There is still a chance to add a group of paper feeding, drying and receiving or origami systems to do the black-and-white plus color printing of 1+4 two pieces of paper, or to print in a 2+3 way. A group of two-color overprint and a group of three-color two rolls are produced separately, which greatly increases the elasticity. Unlike the leaf machine, which needs to be equipped with a turning or direct variable mechanism machine, there is a chance to change the printing function of more colors on one side and less colors on both sides

thinking about multi-color additional printing

is it reasonable for machines with more than four colors to be in production? It is believed that some people have done the evaluation, and some people "buy it" and don't do the evaluation, but this is a very serious problem, because the four-color machine is basically a complete set of color units. Why should we add the fifth, sixth or even more printing units? How often is it used? This is a problem worth discussing

very simply speaking, if a printing machine has a software and hardware environment with good development of the new material industry every day, the public store will print 200000 or 500000 times a day, then the installation of the automatic version change system may be used once a day or twice a day, saving 10 minutes a day than fast, which is about 1% of the production capacity. Therefore, it costs 7-8% of the machine price to buy such an automatic version change system, It's better to pay more attention to environmental factors such as pollution level to make the printing plate more durable, printing more balanced and less parking. On the contrary, if there are 12000 short edition jobs every day, even if there are only twoorthree copies of Heban printing, and you have to change the edition five or six times an hour, there must be an automatic or semi-automatic version change system. Otherwise, each time you use manual edition and sheet printing, it takes ten minutes more, then you may only do three or three and a half sets of printing per hour, only 60% of the productivity, 92-93% of the investment, and only 60% of the productivity, It is believed that no one needs to use the automatic version change system. Although the investment of 7-8% is more than the value for money

in addition to these two extreme examples, how many times is the frequency of version change the investment profit and loss balance point, not only based on whether there is an additional 7-8% capacity per month, that is, 10 minutes of version change accounts for 7-8% of the total production? What is more important is whether your production capacity has been fully utilized. If only 70-80% of your production capacity is used, how about there is still a lot of room? Do you want to buy it first, or it is impossible to install it another day, so there is also reserved capacity

one more printing unit, or two more printing units, is also related to the proportion of the unit price of special colors in addition to the increase percentage of production efficiency. If Yijia specializes in printing five color and six color trademark printing plants, and almost 100% of them use additional printing units throughout the year, it is needless to say that they must buy the appropriate additional printing units. On the contrary, only 50% of the printing work is used, but this part of the printing work is more than one, it doesn't matter, and the anti normal production value is enough. I'm afraid that only 30% is used a year, and the printing salary is the same as that of color, it may be very difficult to recover the investment in one more printing unit, This is a very basic thinking direction. So how much percentage of the workload does it take to achieve profit and loss balance

in addition, the extra units need to change special color printing every day. In addition, the technology is not good. It takes 10 minutes to wash the car every time the color is changed, and it takes one hour to print. If it takes only five or six times a day, even if the work is very full, it will lose added value, and only get the advantage of labor saving and accurate overprint, or the special color printing work is very high, which can be leveled, because there are too many examples of additional colors delaying printing operations! At present, eight color machines are popular, which can be used for single four-color plus other three or four-color printing. Their annual reports are quite popular and useful in the United States. There are not many five color prints in Taiwan, and six or seven color prints are very rare. Therefore, generally, the turnover machine only does double-sided printing without touching its mechanism to become single-sided four-color plus special color printing

additional glazing system thinking

plus aqueous glazing and UV glazing of the optical system. The additional wage of water-based glazing is high, because the glazing needs to be handled outside, and once it is polished, there is no need to worry about back printing and sticking, and it can be handled immediately. As long as more than 50% of it is used for water-based glazing, it is probably worth it, but the cost of electricity and glazing fluid should also be calculated, because the price is high

the setting of UV glazing system is a very different added value. Two or three years ago, UV color printing was worth around NT $1000 per order. It is also very valuable to add UV glazing. Now more and more people buy it. In addition to packaging waterproof and freezing, it is also used in plastic plate, mask and even iron sheet printing. Therefore, more extensive and accurate information is needed in the evaluation in order to make a correct introduction and evaluation, At the same time, market research and change evaluation are also indispensable

source: Taiwan's printer, 2004, issue 6

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