Three trends of the hottest printing market

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Three trends in the printing market

after the merger of Compaq, HP has made major adjustments to its organizational structure according to its corporate functions, dividing the whole HP into four business groups. As one of the four major groups, the printing and imaging systems group, which has attracted much attention, occupies a very special position in HP. Its three major battles in the printer market in 2002 outlined the development trend of the future printing market. In 2002, with the popularity and hot sale of digital cameras, printer products for image output began to rise rapidly. HP first saw this connection, and quickly launched an attack to introduce the output of digital image detection for woven bags, which we also have a deep understanding, into China's home printing market. HP's strategy press conference entitled "choose, change life" changed its traditional business image. With a little amiability and a little tenderness, a brand-new family oriented HP was presented to people. Its three themes of "innovation, digital and true color" are to apply excellent printing solutions to home office and entertainment through strong technical R & D strength and comprehensive and detailed product lines. The activity with the strategic theme of implementing C blonde technology with color application to make plastic particles into new material IO (colorintheoffice) has become the second battle after HP IPG integration, and breaking through the threshold of price, function and speed in commercial color has become this battle. 22. Overload protection: automatic protection when the load exceeds 10%; The core strategy of. Seven color laser printers for four commercial color directions (commercial, desktop, mobile, all-around) released at the same time with CIO strategy are like seven weapons. There is no smoke of gunpowder in this battle, because HP is not going to defeat any of its competitors in the industry, but rather its own problem of the entire business application - "obstacles in function, speed and ease of use". In terms of functions, HP has adopted an all-round model to meet the needs of small and medium-sized business offices; In terms of speed, HP released the technology of black-and-white and color at the same speed, which made the color printing speed four times higher than before; In terms of ease of use, the printer product for mobile users adopts the mobile printing function activated by Bluetooth for the first time. At the same time, its long-term lithium-ion battery and flexible connectivity options fully reflect the concept of easy-to-use office advocated by HP. The Third Battle of HP IPG group was like an image fire lit in the cold winter, warming the printer market across the country. HP's "image" China tour was launched in 22 cities across the country from November 25, 2002 to January 9, 2003. In each place, HP introduced its digital color enhancement strategy for the home market and CIO strategy for the commercial market according to the different needs of different users, and conducted corresponding product training for home users, commercial users and industrial users, so that users can better understand how to choose the right products according to their needs. It is reasonable to believe that in the future printer market, the growth rate of the industry will further slow down. More applications (from commercial to household), more colors (color Office), and more regions (from central to local) will become the focus of the printing market competition in the next few years

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