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On June 16, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced that the evaluation report on the development level of informatization and industrialization integration in seven key industries, including the first batch of steel, chemical fertilizer, heavy machinery, cars, papermaking, cotton textile, meat products Jinan experimental machine factory double knife manual broaching machine processing, has been completed. The report shows that, On the whole, the integration of industrialization and industrialization in Chinese enterprises is still in the stage of local application, and the level of integration in different industries varies greatly

the report on the in-depth docking of the evaluation with the downstream market segmentation shows that 24.5% of the evaluation enterprises are still in the initial stage of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, focusing on the construction of information infrastructure. 43% of the evaluation enterprises are in the stage of partial coverage of informatization, and each single business application has a certain maturity, but collaborative integration has not been carried out yet. 22.2% of the evaluation enterprises are in the early stage of integration or transition to the integration stage, and have carried out collaborative integration between key business systems to varying degrees. 10.3% of the assessed enterprises are in the stage of deep innovation, and have achieved remarkable results in market development and innovation, decision support and comprehensive energy conservation and emission reduction. Among them, the steel and car industries carry out and then rotate counterclockwise for two-thirds of the circle. The integrated application is relatively common. The heavy machinery and cotton textile industries are generally in the transition stage from partial coverage to integration, and the fertilizer, paper and meat processing industries are basically in the partial coverage stage

the report also shows that business integration, fine management and process reengineering are important features of leading enterprises in the integration of industrialization and industrialization. Based on the in-depth application of information technology in single business, these enterprises have realized the in-depth connection and collaborative integration of the whole process of research, production, supply and marketing, management and control, business and finance, optimized or profoundly changed the traditional business processes, management methods and business models, and injected new powerful impetus into the development of enterprises

the report puts forward that promoting cross industry and cross department business collaboration and resource integration is an important measure to deepen the integration of industrialization and industrialization. Taking the cotton textile industry as an example, the key to improve the effect of computer-aided cotton blending is the accuracy of cotton grade detection data. In the United States, the agricultural department carried out the rapid detection of raw cotton grade in the acquisition process, combined with the use of bar code technology to realize the package by package management in the process of raw cotton acquisition, circulation and processing, and solved the accuracy, consistency and authority of raw cotton grade data from the raw cotton trade circulation to the production and processing process from the source. However, China only depends on the cotton textile industry to solve this problem. There are many problems, such as repeated detection, inconsistent detection data, lack of authority, low utilization rate of instruments, which directly affect the promotion and application of computer-aided cotton blending

the evaluation further confirmed that mature and applicable industrial software products and industrial solutions are still lacking, and the high price of foreign software and follow-up services is not affordable for most enterprises, which has become an important factor restricting the application of enterprise information technology

the report puts forward four priorities for the next step of China's integration of industrialization and industrialization: first, in transforming the development mode and adjusting the industrial structure, we should combine promoting the integration of industrialization and industrialization with improving the overall level of the industry, with the preparation and implementation of the 12th Five Year Industrial Development plan, and with technological transformation, promoting enterprise energy conservation, consumption reduction, emission reduction and pollution control, and developing high-end manufacturing and other strategic emerging industries. Second, focus on the key weak links of the industry, implement the integration of industrialization and industrialization, and study and solve key problems across industries and departments. Third, expand the scope of the industry and participating enterprises, so that more enterprises can understand and learn from the evaluation indicators of the integration of industrialization and industrialization. Fourth, give full play to the benchmarking role of typical enterprises, track and analyze the development of the integration of industrialization and industrialization of key enterprises, and provide reference for formulating policies

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