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Evergrande Jianghai Pump Co., Ltd. organized the "safety month" activity

in June 2019, we ushered in the 18th "safety production month" in the country. In combination with the safety production requirements that more new flame retardant products will continue to be developed by the country and territories, Hefei Evergrande Jianghai Pump Co., Ltd. organized a series of "safety month" activities

in June 2019, we ushered in the 18th National "safety production month". In combination with national and territorial safety production requirements, Hefei Evergrande Jianghai pump industry organized a series of "safety month" activities

on the morning of June 15, the safety month training activity and fire escape drill with the theme of "preventing risks, eliminating hidden dangers and curbing accidents" were held in Hefei Evergrande Jianghai Pump Co., Ltd. the company's leaders attached great importance to this activity and arranged all staff to participate in the drill

trainer Jiang Yongshan first briefly described the origin of safety month and the content of Safety Month activities, and then shared accident cases and combined with the actual situation of the company, vividly expressed safety production knowledge in simple terms, so that employees have a deeper understanding of production knowledge

specially invited fire officer and soldier instructor Deng to bring you the second fire safety training. By playing the short fire video of sample tensile sample length zigzag sample length zigzag sample length and PPT, he focused on how to check and eliminate potential safety hazards, how to put out the initial fire, how to escape correctly, etc. Through some major fire cases in China in recent years and the shocking pictures on the scene, President Elbegdorj was invited to attend the host Fire Companion dialogue held during the informal APEC leaders' meeting in China in November this year, which not only enhanced the fire safety awareness and awareness of all employees, but also further deepened the perceptual cognition of fire hazards

11:20, with the smoke rising in the assembly workshop, the commander in chief announced the launch of the fire escape emergency plan, and the safety alarm sounded. The communication group, fire fighting and rescue group, logistics support group and emergency evacuation group performed their respective duties and carried out emergency rescue according to the established plan. Under the guidance of the emergency evacuation group, the workshop staff covered their mouths and noses with wet towels, bent their bodies, and quickly and orderly evacuated to the office building square according to the established escape route. The next fire fighting drill let every employee experience the fire fighting operation. The fire accident emergency rescue drill not only enhanced the safety awareness of LCD display employees, but also improved the ability of physical workers to prevent and avoid disasters, self rescue and mutual rescue

this training and drill activity is an epitome of the series of activities of the safety month. Through carrying out safety training, fire emergency plan drill, safety production accident warning education activities, "hidden danger elimination action" and other activities, employees' safety production awareness is continuously enhanced, employees' safety quality is improved, and the company's safety development is promoted

safety is no small matter. It's bigger than heaven. We've been acting

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