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The gospel of network security practitioners: Cisco's $10million scholarship program

the security risks faced in the network world are becoming more and more complex, because the opponents are becoming stronger and stronger, hackers have evolved from independent individuals to organizations, and hacker organizations have even turned attacks into a business model. In recent years, large and small information security incidents have been exposed continuously, and with the growth of data, the attack risk in the Internet has become increasingly intense

the number of security threats and the losses caused by them. Here, the tension machine for flexible packaging is frequently used, so it is unnecessary to repeat. What is important is how to deal with it? The improvement of safety capability is an urgent problem for enterprises, which of course cannot be separated from safety talents

but the reality is that there is a serious shortage of IT network security talents, and it is difficult for enterprises to keep up with the pace of network hackers

a survey at the 2015 ISACA and RSA conference showed that 84% of enterprises said that only half of the candidates for network security positions could meet the basic requirements of enterprises, 53% of enterprises said that it would take them at least half a year to find qualified candidates in the field of network security, and 45% of enterprises said that they could determine the scope of the attack and eliminate losses, that is, more than half of enterprises simply had no way to confirm where the attack came from How to eliminate losses

in order to improve this situation, Cisco announced the establishment of a $10million global network security scholarship program and further enhanced its security certification training products

it is reported that the $10million global network security scholarship program will last for two years to cultivate more outstanding talents with key network security skills. Most it people are not unfamiliar with Cisco's certification training system. As long as they choose the right fixture students, in addition to networking, Cisco has also been committed to continuously cultivating talents in security certification

Antonella Corno, director of product strategy of Cisco certification training department, said in an interview with ZD Zhiding that Cisco launched a new scholarship program this time, which focuses more on the whole industry, looks at the talent shortage in the industry from a broader perspective, and helps the whole industry solve the talent shortage through Cisco, so that the missing skills can be properly trained in the market, Produce more talents. It is precisely because we see the scarcity and demand of talents in the security industry that Cisco needs to help talents in the whole industry seize the opportunity, which is the reason why we launch the global network security scholarship program

in the Cisco global network security scholarship program, Chinese officials noted that the scholarship program has begun to open applications. Of course, there are requirements to obtain such a scholarship. Antonellacorno pointed out that the first requirement is to be an adult aged 18 or above. The second is to master fluent English, because English is the dominant language in the whole network environment. The third is to have a certain amount of computer knowledge, because all network security training requires you to master a certain amount of basic computer knowledge to start learning

this scholarship covers the whole world. Qualified talents from every country and region in the world can sign up for it, but there are still some focuses. Cisco encourages people from three aspects to actively participate in it: first, newcomers in the workplace. Those who have just graduated from college and are new to the workplace are the backbone of the future, so newcomers in the workplace are the focus of Cisco in the process of building a global network security talent channel; Second, women, which reflects its diversified talent training direction; Third, veterans refer to the veterans of all countries in the world, without limiting countries

the contents of the scholarship program specifically include: free official CCNA network safety operation certification training and auxiliary 7. Lubrication guide of tensile testing machine, including two instructor led training courses and two assessments, as well as the counseling services provided by local Cisco authorized training partners; Free examination guidance and preparation; Free CCNA network safety operation certification examination coupon

in other words, once it successfully applies for a scholarship, it will often pay attention to the problems found in the use of the experimental machine, covering the training and examination of CCNA network security operation certification within three months, and finally obtain the whole certification

according to the introduction, the scholarship program is expected to cover about 10000 applicants, and the number of applicants is not divided according to region and country. From August 2016, Cisco will begin to evaluate applications and start the screening process according to the qualification requirements, and then announce the list of scholarship winners

in addition, Cisco has also updated its security certification products, including the new CCNA cyber OPS certification, and updated its CCIE security certification. CCNA network security operation certification is oriented to the role of network security analysis engineer. The update of CCIE security certification focuses on the training of new expert level skills to help network security personnel cope with evolving new technologies and network security threats. This update includes the assessment of the latest network security technologies, including advanced threat protection, advanced malware protection, new generation IPS, virtualization, automation and information exchange

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