I have already made Yantai my home

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Doosan kangyouyu: I have already regarded Yantai as my home

Doosan kangyouyu: I have already regarded Yantai as my home

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Kang Youyu sitting opposite the author is tall and thin, gentle and modest, with a pair of kind eyes

Kang Youyu graduated from Hanyang University in South Korea in 1977. Doosan machinery, which was settled in Yantai Development Zone in 1994, is the world's top 500 foreign-funded enterprise that first entered the development zone after Yantai's reform and opening up. In 2003, Kang Youyu served as the deputy general manager of Doosan construction machinery (China) Co., Ltd., in charge of technology and production, and is now the general manager. During his 11 and a half years in China, he personally experienced the great changes brought to Yantai by reform and opening up

"at that time, Yantai was more like a quiet countryside!"

"when I first came to Yantai, it was more like a quiet countryside. Although many enterprises settled in the Development Zone, there were few cars on the street and it was very quiet. When I had dinner with the team leaders of Doosan machinery, I found that none of them had a car. At that time, I said, you will have a car in 10 years!"

Kang Youxuan told the author that when Doosan machinery decided to invest and build a factory in China, it had two choices, one was Huangshi in Hubei Province, and the other was Yantai in Shandong Province. After more than half a year of on-site investigation, Yantai Development Zone was finally selected. The first batch of 14 coastal open cities, the first batch of national economic and technological development zones, convenient logistics and transportation conditions, the warm expectation of reform and opening up for foreign-funded enterprises and the sincere service of the local government are the "core elements" that move Doosan to settle in Yantai. "In the early stage of construction of Doosan, the development zone was in the initial stage of reform and opening up, and although it was difficult, it still gave meticulous care. At that time, Gao Songmin, deputy director of the management committee, attached great importance to the investment and construction of Doosan, and assigned a special person to handle all kinds of procedures for the construction of Doosan plant, from site selection, land contract signing to factory registration, business license handling, etc., the management committee gave great support and assistance."

the selected plant site has no roads, no water and electricity, and is still a marsh. The land is dug for a few meters, and a batch of intelligent photoelectric modules and intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises are mainly cultivated and introduced. It is still a stinky quagmire. The Management Committee of the development zone is not afraid of difficulties and troubles. It is determined to fill the mire, build Wuzhishan Road, connect heat and electricity, and make a lot of efforts for Doushan to settle in the development zone. On June 28, 1996, Doosan successfully completed the construction of the plant and held a grand completion ceremony. Jin Huzhe, then the general manager, said, "it was wise to choose Yantai Development Zone. Yantai not only has convenient transportation and beautiful environment, but also has given us such preferential policies in terms of investment promotion, which reassured us."

from commencement to completion and production, create "Doosan speed"

many people still remember "Doosan speed", and the creator of "Doosan speed" is Kang Youyu

In 2007, Doosan machinery acquired Muping Yuhua machinery and established Doosan engineering machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd. to build a loader factory with an annual output of 18000 units. At this time, Kang Youyu became the general manager of Muping new company. In 2008, under his leadership, it took only nine months from the commencement of construction to the completion and production, and achieved the amazing performance of "commencement, completion, production and effectiveness in the same year". In June, 2010, just one and a half years after the realization of mass production, the production and sales of loaders exceeded 3000, creating "Doosan speed", which was widely spread in Yantai business circles

Kang Youyu is not satisfied with the current situation, but has a long-term vision and continuous innovation. In March, 2012, the R & D center of Doosan loader was started and completed in October of that year, which not only improved the technical strength, product quality and performance of Doosan loader, but also effectively promoted the development of the whole industry

"this year marks the 20th anniversary of Doosan's entry into the Chinese market. In the past 20 years, Doosan machinery has maintained the first market share in China's excavator market for eight consecutive years. In the evaluation of excavator customer satisfaction organized by the people and other media organizations, it has maintained the first place for nine years. In December 2013, the cumulative production and sales of excavators in the industry exceeded 130000."

Kang Youyu said that since Doosan machinery entered Yantai as a leading enterprise in engineering machinery manufacturing, it has joined hands with more than 100 enterprises to invest and settle in Yantai, such as FAW Daewoo engine (now Dongyue automobile powertrain), Daewoo shipbuilding, and other outsourcing enterprises of Doosan have all settled in the Development Zone, realizing high-precision, wide-range and multi-function servo control, forming a machinery manufacturing industry with Doosan machinery as the core, And it has developed into an important pillar industry of Yantai city and the development zone

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