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There are three major changes in the development of green food

in the calculation of engineering stress, the National Green Food Development Center recently invited relevant experts to hold a symposium to discuss the packaging, standards, development status and current food safety problems of green food

by the end of 2001, a total of 1217 enterprises had effectively used the green food logo trademark for 2400 products, including 2347 class a products and 53 Class AA products. There have been three positive changes in the development of green food. First, the work of green food has been valued by the central government, the Ministry of agriculture and local governments, and has been included in the "pollution-free food action plan" of the Ministry of agriculture; Second, some famous brand enterprises and well-known products continue to declare green food; Third, the leading products of green food and the regional centralized layout have gradually formed. In addition, new progress has been made in the construction of the technical standard system, quality inspection system, quality certification system and market service system of green food. By the end of the year, 52 green food standards had been issued; 56 environmental quality testing institutions with provincial metrological certification qualifications and 11 food quality testing institutions with national metrological certification qualifications have been formed; 60 green food means of production were reviewed and recommended

experts attending the meeting include people from food, health, environmental protection, quality inspection and other industries. Experts agreed that green food achieved great success in 2001. 3. The selection index performance of electronic tensile testing machine has maintained a sustained and rapid development situation. Experts from various industries have conducted extensive exchanges and discussions on the quality of green food, the construction of standard system, packaging, green consumer market and other aspects. In view of the unbalanced regional development and the nonstandard use of green food marks and trademarks by a few enterprises and products in the current development of green food in recent years, it is proposed that in the future, we should continue to vigorously develop green food, rectify the market order, and provide more safe and healthy green food for consumers

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