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Thank the United States for making Chinese youth more united

these days, I am very moved to see our young people's unity in the face of Sino US trade frictions, their anger at hegemonic acts, their care for national enterprises, their reflection on independent innovation, their defense of national interests, their adherence to national positions, and their clear understanding of themselves. They are not exclusive because of trade friction, but love their own country more; They did not lose their rationality and calmness, but strengthened their confidence in self-determination and self-improvement. This generation of young people who grew up drinking coke may usually follow American dramas, love freedom and personality, and sometimes be cynical. They have all kinds of dissatisfaction and roast about the reality. But when someone wants to bully their country in trade and harm the interests of the country, these young people are never vague, and that kind of solidarity will condense into a powerful force

what effect do some American politicians think of when they provoke economic and trade frictions? Let the Chinese "fear": the United States is so strong and tough, extreme pressure, step by step, and we are stuck by others, so let's make more concessions? Let the Chinese "fight": blame each other. You see, the agreement has collapsed, the enterprise has been damaged, the consumers have been implicated, and the going abroad has been limited. It's all your fault. Let the Chinese "mess": trade conflicts with the world's most powerful country, the consequences are serious? Some American politicians have miscalculated. They underestimated China's determination to defend its core interests, its psychological tolerance to extreme pressure, and the patriotism of the Chinese people. They also don't read Chinese history. When were Chinese people frightened? The greater the external pressure, the more united the Chinese people are

it can be noted that during this period, young people have shown amazing unity on social media. After Ren Zhengfei's interview was reported, young people expressed their support for national enterprises by brushing the screen; After the United States used the "cut-off" trick, people also expressed their contempt by brushing the screen. I still remember how spectacular the forwarding in the circle of friends was after the international sharp review of "talk, open the door; fight, accompany to the end" of "LianBo" was published. In the past few days, there has been much less controversy and saliva on the Internet. Angry at the "sudden closure of the Chinese professor's laboratory", and forwarding the rumor of "disconnection of Huawei", he confidently said that "those targeted have proved to be powerful", and joked that "the United States has launched a trade war with the community of Yuehai Subdistrict Office in Nanshan District, Shenzhen"

I wonder if those American politicians who are keen to set off trade frictions can understand the determination and unity behind the ridicule and screen brushing of Chinese young people? Can you understand the determination and tenacity that Chinese people cannot be intimidated by extortion and bullying? Under the goal of automobile environmental protection and lightweight,

in addition to the unity brought by pressure, it also brings another layer of unity: the unity of China's public opinion field on the view of the United States and the unprecedented unity of its attitude of criticizing hegemony. The arrogance of the United States this time has even made people who used to "praise every beauty", "praise every word" and "belittle China with beauty * recycled cotton: thermal insulation and sound-absorbing materials used for carpets" hate the United States and become farther away from the United States psychologically. In the past, the United States in China's public opinion field was a topic that could easily lead to tears. The very different extreme evaluations of the United States often led to disputes about the precautions for installing electronic universal testing machines. The "pro american" used to beautify everything in the United States, beautify their values, beautify their history and stories, beautify their "universal goodwill", and regard the United States as the "savior" of China and the world. Thank some American politicians for their hegemonic behavior of completely ignoring international rules in this trade war, tearing off the veil of covering up realistic interests, and letting the world see a real United States

for those who "praise every beauty" faction, nothing can change their views, and they will never wake up a person who pretends to sleep. But this time, some American politicians broke the mold of American idealization with practical actions, broke many illusions, and played a persuasive effect that a thousand words can't play. This is the contribution of the United States to the unity of China's public opinion field

last year, a little girl who was admitted to a famous school from a poor area wrote an article entitled "thank you for being poor". At that time, it also triggered a lot of debate. What is there to thank for being poor? In fact, what the little girl is grateful for is not poverty, but not being overwhelmed by poverty. After surpassing poverty, she looks at the performance test of the poor prone tensile testing machine with a smile. This kind of gratitude, only the indomitable and the victors are qualified to say, beyond poverty, only deserve to thank poverty

this is also the meaning of Chinese youth's "thank the United States". The trade war will not defeat us, but will only make us more patriotic and United, strengthen our confidence in independent innovation, and make China stronger

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