Hygienic standard for polystyrene molded products

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Hygienic standard for polystyrene products for food packaging

national standard of the people's Republic of China

hygienic standard for polystyrene products for food packaging GB

replaces GBN

hygienic standard for polystyr "Duan Xiaoping said ene products used as food

containers and tablewares

this standard specifies the hygienic requirements for polystyrene products

this standard is applicable to tableware, packaging containers and utensils used in the food industry with polystyrene resin as raw material

1 sensory indicators: normal color, no peculiar smell, strange smell, foreign matter

2 physical and chemical indexes see the following table

project index

evaporation workers and their supporting follow-up equipment plastic extrusion molding machine are called auxiliary parts. The accuracy and quality require residues under high processing methods, mg/l

4% acetic acid, 60 ℃, 2h ≤ 30

65% ethanol, 20 ℃, 2h ≤ 30

potassium permanganate consumption, mg/l

water, 60 ℃, 2h ≤ 10

heavy metals (calculated by Pb), mg/l

4% acetic acid, 60 ℃, 2H ≤ 1

decolorization test

cold meal oil or colorless oil negative

ethanol negative

soaking solution negative

additional notes:

this line is approved by the Department of epidemic prevention of the Ministry of health

this standard is drafted by Shanghai Institute of food hygiene supervision and inspection

this standard is interpreted by the food hygiene supervision and Inspection Institute of the Ministry of health, a technical centralized unit entrusted by the Ministry of health

the Ministry of health of the people's Republic of China approved the implementation of

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