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I and "the Belt and Road" dibak: to be the liaison between China and India

I and "the the Belt and Road" dibak: to be the liaison between China and India

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in the new journey of "the the Belt and Road", they burn passion, light up wisdom, selfless dedication, and write a chapter of youth. To this end, we launched a series of reports, "I and the" the Belt and Road ", which tell the story of Sany people's struggle overseas and sing the song of youth in the new era

figure dibak won the 2018 "Trinity figure"

before joining Trinity, dibak once held an important position in a Japanese Indian joint venture. When he received the olive branch thrown by SANY, he hesitated again and again. Finally, he was moved by SANY's sincerity and decided to accept new career challenges

On February 1st, 2014, dibak joined Sany India as CEO. Over the past five years, with his keen sense of smell, he has led his employees to actively participate in the construction of the "the Belt and Road", implemented the localization strategy, and promoted exchanges between China and India, and achieved fruitful results

witness of localization power

Figure 1 Indian Prime Minister modi met with Chinese entrepreneurs such as Liang Wengen.

"in the past five years, almost all major construction projects in South Asia, such as the padama project in Bangladesh, the world's tallest sculpture 'statue of unity' in India, and the Twin Towers of Mumbai, have involved Sany equipment." Dibak said proudly

over the past five years, Sany India has achieved an 8-fold growth in performance, becoming the fastest-growing company in the construction machinery industry in South Asia. Sany India has become the first in the crane and auger market in South Asia, and the market share of concrete machinery and excavators is also growing rapidly. In 2018, the profit of Sany India increased by 55% year-on-year, and the concrete business increased by 180% year-on-year

these remarkable achievements are closely related to the localization strategy that dibak actively promotes in response to the call of Sany group

figure 2019 BMW show in Germany

the Indian government has increased investment in infrastructure in recent years, and the demand for concrete equipment has increased significantly. Sany is the world's largest concrete machinery manufacturer. Dibak saw this great opportunity, but he knew that only by improving Sany India's own production and manufacturing strength and creating products more in line with India's national conditions, could he win the fierce market competition

for this reason, at the end of 2016, Sany India joint pumping division specially developed 37m pump trucks and other concrete products suitable for the local market. In the process of product localization, the Indian team led by dibak worked together with the pumping division to overcome difficulties such as component certification, process and material differences. It took only more than six months for the new 37 meter pump truck to be put into production, and nearly 30 orders were obtained as soon as it came into the market

figure dibak won the 2018 Indian engineering equipment "person of the year award"

dibak struck while the iron was hot to promote the localized manufacturing of this product. In October, 2018, the first new 37 meter pump car produced locally in India was officially delivered offline in Pune factory. In addition to pump trucks, Sany India has also achieved localized manufacturing of cranes and excavators

talent localization has always been the top priority of Sany India's development strategy. At present, more than 98% of Sany India's employees are local people, including business directors, department heads, and front-line employees in workshops and marketing services. Dibak said, "local talents can better understand the market, communicate with customers without obstacles, and build customers' confidence in Sany products and services."

the matchmaker of China India exchanges

figure 2018 India exhibition was a great success

since taking the responsibility of accelerating the preparation of industrial plans and serving as the CEO of Sany India, dibak has been matchmaking for many times to promote important cooperation between China and India in economic, cultural and other fields. In his view, only by strengthening all-round communication and exchanges between China and India can we reduce differences and win-win cooperation, from "the battle between dragons and elephants" to "the dance between dragons and elephants". This is true not only at the national level, but also at the enterprise and individual level

in October 2015, a delegation of Chinese energy and infrastructure industrial and commercial enterprises organized by SANY group visited India. Dibak shouldered the heavy burden and actively facilitated the meeting between the delegation and Indian Prime Minister modi and Indian government departments in infrastructure construction, energy and other fields. The two sides reached a number of important cooperation intentions, and the visit of Chinese enterprises to India yielded positive results. Dibak said with a smile that he was too busy to touch the ground in those days and was about to explode, but it was worth the pain to promote China India cooperation at such a high level

in Sany India Company, dibak has organized several Chinese cultural modified polypropylene materials for Indian employees, which will further expand the utilization and sany corporate culture training, and create opportunities for in-depth exchanges between employees of the two countries. On Chinese traditional festivals such as the Spring Festival and the Mid Autumn Festival, he will also respect Chinese traditional customs, give Chinese employees a red bag and make them feel warm in a foreign country

Dibak is the "highlight" of India's first locally produced pump truck.

in addition to economy, trade and culture, dibak attaches particular importance to the cooperation between China and India in the field of education, because it is for the next generation and the future. Under his promotion, on December 17, 2018, the first phase of the exchange program between Somaya University and Trinity Institute of technology in India opened in Changsha. Dibak hoped that the Indian exchange students would seriously study their professional knowledge and Chinese culture, make Chinese friends and be friendly ambassadors for cultural exchanges between China and India

at the end of the project, shanay, an exchange student, said that this time he came to Sany Institute of technology to study. At present, most enterprises adopt the traditional washing method for cleaning, which not only expands the international vision, but also experiences the broad and profound Chinese culture. The professional knowledge and new technology learned during this period will be well applied to work in the future

because of his excellent performance in China India exchanges, dibak stood out among Indian business leaders and won authoritative awards such as the "2018 Asia economic times most promising business leader award", "Indian engineering equipment person of the year award", "China India Forum outstanding CEO Award"

"I am grateful for the trust of the company and my decision five years ago, which made me glow with the second spring of my career." Dibak said that Sany India is in the best period of development opportunities, and he will continue to work hard to make Sany India a model of China India cooperation and a beautiful business card on the "the Belt and Road"

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