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I don't have time to think about

during this "SARS", I played with a friend of the boss of an enterprise. He said in a tone he had never heard before, "it's ok now. I finally have time to rest and think about the enterprise." Among the entrepreneurs, bosses, friends and clients I have known and contacted for ten years, there are many who don't have time to think at ordinary times

there are three types of ten-year entrepreneurial bosses who say "I don't have time to think". Two months later, the equipment failed to resist the impact of angry waves

one is to tell the truth: he is really too busy to think about the company's major events. The company has made ten years of hydrogel immobilized biomolecules and cells, which have been widely used in analysis, medical diagnosis and other aspects, and have developed to billions of scale. There are too many things to be handled by him, including marketing, personnel, government, domestic and foreign, one after another, one after another, and many things must be handled by him. How can I stop

the second is not paying attention: thinking? Think about what? When you think clearly, the opportunity will slip away. Take a look at the general situation, and do it quickly. Practical work is the first. Such a ten-year entrepreneurial boss usually catches up with the great opportunity of market development in the stage of enterprise success, and has not made major mistakes. Therefore, an empiricism is formed: doing is the most important

the third kind is conceit: I have done this for ten years. I haven't thought about it specially. Haven't I come step by step with rich experience and intuition? There is no need for an enterprise boss like me to think about anything. Another form of expression is oral. Although I don't say so, please support me. I think so in my heart

but "I have no time to think" is a very dangerous mantra today

first of all, the scale of the enterprise is large. It has been an enterprise for ten years. Its current investment, mergers and acquisitions, and market activities are easy to reach tens of millions or hundreds of millions. It can go in and out on a large scale without any mistakes. We have seen many enterprises in xinhuanxin. The turning point from prosperity to decline often comes from one or two big actions. Because the enterprise is large, many things are not operated by the boss himself, so the problem is not so in-depth and clear. It is inevitable that the probability of error increases with the increase of the enterprise size based on subjective judgment

secondly, the quality of the participants in the market competition has changed. How many CEOs who competed with you in the market from 1990 to 1993 were masters, MBAs and returnees? How many of them have middle and senior management experience in large international companies? How many have core independent intellectual property rights? And now? Not to mention those who flocked to the world's top 500, even China's own entrepreneurial team has also undergone profound changes. At the beginning of 2003, xinhuanxin conducted a research on the quality of sales bosses of Listed Companies in China, and found that 21% of the sales bosses of listed companies now have MBA degrees, especially in Shanghai and Guangdong. When you started a business ten years ago, how many MBAs competed with you in the market

third, the market has grown and matured faster than before. In the past ten years, there were eight years before the accession to the WTO and two years after the accession to the WTO. This is the difference, but it is not the most critical difference. The main difference is that the "high profit half-life" of a good industry and product market has been greatly shortened, usually only 1-2 years, while the lead in marketing has been shortened to 3-6 months. Why is it like this? The fundamental reason is that social funds are relatively abundant, or even relatively surplus. For some high-profit industries, some money wants to come in. Therefore, it is faster and more to dig people, and the scale of investment starts from a larger starting point. This makes "business more and more difficult"

finally, most enterprises lost their advantages when they started a business ten years ago: for most successful ten-year start-ups, when they started a business more than ten years ago, they were usually the "first entrants" in their industries and regions. As the "first entrant" of the market, his advantages are self-evident. Moreover, many people have government resources and network resources to use. Therefore, he can succeed without thinking. Now, these have disappeared, can they be copied successfully

for Chinese entrepreneurs who have successfully started their businesses in the past ten years, xinhuanxin summed up three points of advice

first of all, for large entrepreneurs, correctness comes first in both the correctness and speed of decision-making. The reduction of speed and the loss of efficiency can be compensated and won back through a large amount of investment. But if the decision is wrong, it is irretrievable. The so-called "think clearly and then move" means to overcome "I don't have time to think" and turn it into "I want to think about it carefully"

secondly, as a competitive boss of large enterprises, I must set aside 30% of my time for thinking. And learning to solve thinking problems (including reading books, training, attending meetings and personal communication with others). A big entrepreneur who is very busy all day and has no time to think will not last long

finally, if you really don't think clearly about some problems in the short term, or have no time to think clearly and have to do it, you can ask an external think tank to help you think clearly about the key problems. The detours that other enterprises have taken can be a straight bridge across the river for you

it is a valuable thing for a boss of a large company who has been an excellent entrepreneur for ten years to always maintain his passion and enthusiasm for work during the entrepreneurial period. However, if you can't change yourself and cultivate new good habits in a changed environment, you will really "make business more and more difficult"

therefore, we must take time to think about the problem "I don't have time to think"

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