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Liu Gongguan Tongbao: I also have a Chinese dream to join Liu Gongguan Tongbao: I also have a Chinese dream to join Liu Gongguan

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"I also have a Chinese dream, that is, to build an international first-class R & D system for Liu Gongguan before I retire and lead Chinese colleagues to work happily..." on June 20, American construction machinery experts Guan Tongbao, vice president of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Liugong"), said

Guan Tongbao officially joined Liugong in January 2007. Previously, he worked for the famous case New Holland construction machinery company in the United States and was an internationally renowned construction machinery expert

in 2007, as a senior technical consultant and assistant to the president, Guan Tongbao joined Liugong, and his first place of work was in its subsidiary, Jiangsu Liugong. In Liugong, Jiangsu Province, Guan Tongbao showed amazing ability to solve technical problems. He once led the team to solve more than 100 problems in the product at one time, so that the technical quality and performance of Liugong's slip loading machine and backhoe loader can quickly reach the international level

due to his excellent work, 200 compact specimens of metal materials such as low carbon steel and cast iron were generally made into cylindrical specimens. In October of 2008, Guan Tongbao was promoted to vice president of product research and development of Liugong. While continuing to be fully responsible for the work of Liugong small machinery division, he used his rich professional knowledge and market development experience to comprehensively guide the overall research and development work of Liugong Technology Research Institute. He combined the international advanced integrated product R & D process with the reality of Liugong and developed the "LDP" (new product development process of Liugong) process with Liugong's characteristics, which brought a revolution to Liugong's product R & D. He also vigorously promoted quality problem feedback and improved standardized processes, which improved the efficiency of solving product quality problems

Guan Tongbao also made great contributions to the internationalization of Liugong talents. Through his influence in the industry, he has successively recruited a group of high-end talents from world-class enterprises, such as Edward, an experimental expert, Gary, an industrial design expert, and so on. The joining of these excellent talents has promoted Liugong to continuously move forward to the international level in terms of R & D system, process planning, professional and technical talent team, etc

people like to say that "product quality is the life of an enterprise", and Guan Tongbao makes researchers keep in mind that "new product development is the future of the company". He stressed that a successful R & D department must attach importance to the improvement of existing products while developing new products. Liugong's R & D organization is expanding day by day, which also requires Liugong to have better R & D management ability. He knows that products are facing users, and "user demand is the leading fulcrum of innovation". For this reason, Guan Tongbao requires R & D personnel to maintain sufficient sensitivity, insight and action in products, technologies, and the entire innovation, R & D and manufacturing system

from the appearance, Guan Tongbao is a bit rough, but his requirements for work are very meticulous. In the 2007 Munich exhibition, he noticed that the hard floor of Liugong's booth was different from the wooden floor used by other companies, so he suggested that the floor of the booth should use a more comfortable wooden floor. Since he can always think from the perspective of customers, Liugong's exhibitions have been more and more successful since then

in an instant, in addition to the cost factor, Guan Tongbao has joined Liugong for 7 years. When talking about his experience of joining Liugong, he said sincerely, "working in Liugong has brought me a good sense of professional achievement. Every day I can see the changes and progress of Liugong. We are making progress towards the global leader in the construction machinery industry with sheet metal as the coat of universal laboratory machines."

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