I choose cat Carter 340d2l for the first shovel of

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I choose cat for the first shovel of the year of the rooster ® (Carter) 340d2 l excavator

the first shovel of the year of the rooster I choose cat ® (Carter) 340d2 l excavator

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start! The lunar new year has just passed, and various projects have begun to start one after another. Excavators and machine operators are going to devote themselves to the intense construction of the project. Cat excavator interaction center is here to wish all machine friends: good luck in the start of the project, and make a fortune in the year of the rooster

the smooth progress of the project cannot be separated from the hard work of the construction personnel at each post. Of course, it is essential to have a reliable and solid machine with good performance to ensure the continuous operation without delaying the construction period, so as to make more money. Now let's introduce a solid and durable large excavator cat 340d2 L

cat (Carter) 340d2 l excavator

excellent performance, reliable and durable

● 340d2 L has excellent versatility and can be used in many applications: through cat tooling machines and tools, it provides various tooling machines and tools including bucket, hydraulic hammer and Ripper, which are suitable for demolition, site cleaning, waste disposal, breaking roads and bedrock and other application fields

● 340d2 L has new hdhw structural components and chassis system, which ensures the durability of the machine and the greater ground clearance of the chassis. Even when operating under harsh rock environment conditions, it also has excellent reliability and durability. Shougang jitaian new materials company quickly established a research team composed of 6 technicians in April this year

● c9acert engine equipped with improved three-stage filtration system can ensure reliable operation even in the case of poor fuel quality

low operating costs, high productivity

cat 340d2 L has excellent productivity and low operating costs

● the core of the machine's high efficiency lies in the equipped cat C9 ACERT engine and the stable and accurate hydraulic system, which provide strong power and ensure high productivity

● the automatic engine speed control system will be activated under no-load or light load conditions, which can reduce the engine speed, so as to minimize fuel consumption and reduce costs

● the engine has the function of speed synchronization control, which can improve fuel efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and noise level by managing engine speed, so as to improve work efficiency

● the cab has a wide field of vision and first-class comfort, ensuring that the fatigue of the operator is reduced and the machine operation is more efficient

excellent equipment performance can help your project more. I hope cat excavator can make more profits for your project and realize the reduction of packaging materials. I wish you success in the project and more opportunities in the New Year

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