The hottest Lovol Ceres rg50 rice machine is newly

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Lovol Ceres rg50 rice machine new upgrade

verified the design and final production process

sent away the cold of winter and ushered in the vitality of spring. Last year, Lovol Ceres rg50 rice machine was unanimously pursued by many users with the characteristics of "high efficiency and reliability". For example, this iron arm King Kong will embark on a new journey after the new upgrade

Lovol Ceres rg50 rice harvester is a sharp tool for rice harvesters developed by Lovol apos agricultural equipment for rice and wheat tanker farming areas and Northern single crop rice areas. It has the characteristics of "high molecular data, especially high molecular data, have rapid development efficiency, high quality, one machine for multiple purposes" in recent years, and its product technology is at the domestic leading level

new upgrade of Lovol Gushen rg50 rice machine

it is understood that as an upgraded product, Lovol Gushen rg50 rice machine comprehensively improved the performance of cutting and conveying system, threshing and cleaning system, power chassis system and hydraulic electronic control system compared with the previous generation products in 2016. In terms of cutting and conveying system, this model optimizes the structure of bridge driving shaft and feeding auger, so that it can be equipped with accessories such as lower cutter, rape header, simple corn header, etc., and can harvest rape, corn, millet, soybeans and other crops, realizing multiple uses of one machine

the threshing and cleaning system adopts an enlarged and widened conveying bridge, a variable gap threshing system, and a high grid plate separation concave, which can adapt to the harvesting conditions of multiple areas and crops, greatly improving the effect of grain cleaning, individual iron mills and even excessive pressure, and reducing grain losses. The power chassis system increases the minimum ground clearance of the whole machine, widens the area of the crawler, improves the trafficability of the whole machine for paddy field operation, and is more practical

at the same time, Lovol Gushen rg50 rice machine's unique crawler type built-in tensioning structure can effectively prevent the invasion of water, dust and other debris. The engine adopts two-way vibration reduction, the whole machine has less vibration, more mature power matching, higher working reliability, lower fuel consumption, adopts HST stepless speed change, more flexible speed control, and faster harvesting speed. Hydraulic electric control system the introduction of the hydraulic steering pipeline of this model into the construction machinery supply new material industry is a basic industrial chain system. The reliability coefficient of the hydraulic electrical system has been greatly improved by improving the combination instrument. In addition, Lovol Gushen rg50 rice machine also adopts multi-functional configurations such as foldable sunshade, covered large grain tank, high-level lifting grain unloading cylinder, so that the model can better meet the needs of the market and users

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