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Lovol agricultural machinery housekeeper app three summer wheat harvest service shows its skill

Lovol agricultural machinery housekeeper app three summer wheat harvest service shows its skill

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"the Tian family has fewer idle months, and people are twice busy in May. The south wind rises at night, and the wheat is covered with longhuang." In May and June every year, hundreds of thousands of Lovol Ceres harvesters shuttle across the country's major wheat production areas, a busy scene

Lovol agricultural machinery housekeeper app -- peripheral services

"Ding Ding, Ding Ding..." on May 28, at Zhumadian service station in Henan Province, our conversation with the service team was interrupted by the sound of a short message. He skillfully opened a software on it and said, "come to live, I'll get the tools, and go to the wheat field in two minutes." we were stunned. How did he know where the user reported for repair

when we drove to the wheat field, he told us the truth. It turned out that he could quickly receive the repair information because of the installation of Lovol heavy industries' newly launched agricultural machinery housekeeper app system. Through this system, users and service personnel can connect better and faster, master relevant information in real time, and better serve customers. He introduced several advantages of this software to us

Lovol agricultural machinery housekeeper app -- surrounding agricultural activities

realize the "precise control" of agricultural machinery, and make agricultural machinery management more worry free

through remote vehicle positioning, you can accurately understand the location of users' machines, and the maintenance service team can carry out path planning in advance when going to repair, so as to avoid risks, so as to drive the middle beam to move up and down, and at the same time, it can calculate the operating mu in real time, reduce the estimation deviation, ensure the operating income, and view the body data in real time, Faults can be found in time to minimize losses

realize the "security service" of agricultural machinery, and make the use of agricultural machinery more secure

through "two warnings and one prompt", cross regional users do not have to worry about deviation from the route, display the core component data of the whole machine at any time, alarm in advance of the failure, so as to prepare for the rainy day, and prompt the vehicle maintenance information at the same time, without worries at home

realize the "peripheral service" of agricultural machinery, so that agricultural machinery can make money more at ease

according to the current location of agricultural machinery vehicles, push the surrounding work orders for you, improve the income of agricultural machinery, and push the weather, roads, maintenance stations, gas stations and other information. At the same time, it will also push the required parts and purchase points according to the current faults and maintenance items of agricultural machinery

realize the service upgrading of agricultural machinery, take agricultural machinery as the center, and provide a variety of services

the functions of agricultural machinery housekeeper app can be continuously upgraded with the needs of agricultural machinery products and ordinary people, and all upgrades are free

at the same time, in order to let users have a better and thorough understanding of the agricultural machinery housekeeper app, Lovol heavy industry has organized user training for many times until users master it

Lovol agricultural machinery housekeeper app -- resource distribution map

"The imported ore market through agricultural machinery management continued to decline; the domestic ore market operated weakly and stably; the billet market price declined weakly; the coke market operated safely; the marine market declined weakly. After the app received the order for maintenance, it was necessary to complete the maintenance information, complete the work report, and solve the next one after solving this one, so as to avoid unnecessary losses caused by other colleagues' maintenance. During the peak period, we could complete nearly 10 repair information processing every day, Compared with previous years, the efficiency has been improved by nearly 56%. In previous years, we always assign maintenance tasks through the service station. Since the installation of this software, we can master user information in real time and solve problems for users in the shortest time, "said Liu Zhaogang, a member of Lovol service team

"Lovol serves you wholeheartedly", which is not only our slogan, but also our action. Our service policy is to solve problems quickly and conveniently for users. We have proved to users that Lovol heavy industry, as an industry leader, has the ability and ability to provide them with timely and effective services, so that all users can feel our service philosophy of "Lovol serves you wholeheartedly", Let users across the country know that Lovol is a brand that will always be trusted

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