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Beijing Jiekong, an industrial interconnection and data acquisition platform, made its debut at the Shanghai Industrial Expo

the 20th China International Industrial Expo 2018 was held on September 19, 1025. Green building can drive the market demand of two trillion yuan of green building materials. From September 19 to September 23, it opened at Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center. Beijing Jiekong's market sales technical team participated with fame family products, various solutions and typical project cases. Industrial interconnected data acquisition platform is the theme of this exhibition of Jiekong technology. Jiekong technology has divided the data acquisition at the bottom of factory intelligent manufacturing, remote data acquisition of equipment, operation and maintenance, and traditional SCADA applications into different solutions. It mainly designs fixture solutions according to the shape and material of samples, and has shown and communicated to the majority of user friends

the partners of the team are full of spirit and ready to meet the customers

layout such as: Cement press, red brick press, wire bending and decaying machine, electric porcelain bending and twisting machine, horizontal pull and so on. After completion, they are ready to accept the platform of the visit

the partners are in warm communication

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