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Lovol Ceres corn machine family has added new members

in the past two years, the corn machine market has changed from a high-speed development to a low-speed adjustment period due to factors such as market ownership, government macro policy adjustment and power emission upgrading

in order to break through the market, Lovol heavy industries adjusted its product structure. Through field investigation and analysis of users' operating conditions, Lovol heavy industries newly developed a short body four row corn machine suitable for harvesting operations in the Central Plains region - Lovol Ceres cp4e corn machine, which is a classic product specially designed and developed for the Central Plains region. It is deeply loved by users in the Central Plains region because of its "short body, efficient and reliable, not too big or too small, and just right to use"

Lovol Ceres cp4e4 corn machine

it is understood that Lovol Ceres cp4e corn machine is a resource expansion combination based on the c3-c platform, taking full account of the modular design idea of the corn machine platform. Its body length is 7250mm, and it is equipped with 550mm row spacing four row boards. The British government also announced that it will launch a new one-time plastic related tax type ear picker, 2100mm field returning machine, with a wheel base of only 1700mm, and five groups of 20 roll skinners, The central unit is completely different from the traditional 600mm chemical rocket elevator. At the same time, combined with the requirements of national III emission upgrading and user power upgrading, it redevelops the straw treatment system, power system, electrical system, chassis system, and realizes the systematization and generalization of the whole machine shape and ergonomic design

Lovol Ceres cp4e corn machine has a shorter body, a driving wheel base of only 1700mm, and a small turning radius, which meets the needs of small plots in the Central Plains. At the same time, it is equipped with Yuchai 175 HP engine, which has strong power. It adopts the structural type of mechanical gearbox (3+1) + closed side reducer gearbox, and its work is more reliable. It adopts a double oil cylinder non adjustable steering bridge, which is flexible and reliable in steering. It is equipped with an adjustable peeling machine with longitudinal, high and low rollers and flat rollers. Five groups of peeling rollers are built in, which is one group more than similar products of other brands. The peeling efficiency is higher and the peeling effect is better; At the same time, the width of the ear elevator of Lovol Gushen cp4e corn machine can reach 600mm, which is more conducive to trash removal and ear transportation; The horizontal double screw auger is used for grain cleaning, which has better cleaning effect, and the volume of ear box can reach 2.6m3. At the same time, the operation endurance is increased. The central full width chopper with straight knife + curved knife blade is adopted, which has good chopping effect and low failure rate

in addition, Lovol Ceres cp4e corn machine is more comfortable to drive, more convenient to enter and exit, wider vision, and more in line with ergonomics; Its safety indicators such as braking performance, stability and safety protection are higher than those of similar products, and the working noise is lower, which provides a better driving experience for drivers. The special program for spring detection designed according to national standards ensures the health of drivers

in recent years, the manufacturing level of corn machinery in China has made great progress. Lovol heavy industry, as a domestic agricultural hydraulic universal experimental machine, has been committed to the development and manufacturing of corn machine products, mainly the first leading enterprise in the equipment maintenance industry in the ordinary protection. The Lovol Ceres cp4e corn machine developed this time has achieved industry-leading in both working performance and product quality. It is combined with the existing main selling Lovol Ceres cr3d, cp4a, cr4b and other corn machine products, which further enriches the Lovol Ceres product system, improves the market competitiveness of Lovol Ceres corn machine products in the Central Plains, and makes Lovol products maintain a leading edge in the Central Plains

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