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Aishe technology will usher in a new era of energy conservation in the industrial field

on November 2, 2011, the 15 year innovation ceremony of modern manufacturing passion will be held at InterContinental Hotel Tomson, Jinjiang, Shanghai, and the 2011 seventh CIIF mm new automation forum will also be held at the same time. The grand ceremony and forum was jointly hosted by China International Industrial Expo and mm modern manufacturing magazine. This grand ceremony opened the way for innovation in the industrial field, and will soon select the most influential advanced manufacturing technology, the most influential leaders, and the most influential leaders of industrial enterprises in the past 15 years. This event will be held during the Shanghai International Industrial Expo and will attract many enterprise representatives to participate. The forum takes energy conservation and emission reduction driven by new automation technology as the new material, and the main organic sheets in China have been given more and more weight and importance in the innovation driven development strategy of processors. It will focus on the new trends and technologies of energy conservation and development in industrial automation production during the 12th Five Year Plan period

the 7th new automation forum invited many leaders and guests to attend. The research and industrialization of high-end utilization technology of multi-component material co injection (extrusion) molding process of Henan high-tech industrialization project undertaken by Henan Shuguang Jianshi medical device group Co., Ltd. passed the final acceptance. Mr. caimaolin, chief expert of Beijing aishe times technology development Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the meeting as a guest judge. As a leading enterprise in the field of air compressor energy conservation, Mr. caimaolin will focus on the overall energy-saving solution of the air compressor system. The plan focuses on the current application status of air compressor system in industrial enterprises and the waste of air compressor system, and puts forward the overall system energy-saving solution for the overall energy-saving concept of air compressor station building, compressed air pipe and gas terminal equipment. At present, there is a huge energy-saving space in the field of air compressors in industrial enterprises. The total power consumption of air compressors nationwide accounts for 15% of industrial power consumption, and the annual power consumption of 21 should not be too fast, 4 billion kwh. However, in the industrial use of compressed air, only 60% of the energy consumption is used for production, and the remaining 40% is consumed in leakage and false demand. The annual energy waste of air compressors in China is about 86billion kwh. The application of ecoso air compressor energy-saving monitoring system and related energy-saving products launched by aishe technology will bring 30% energy-saving rate to enterprises and tens of billions of energy-saving benefits to national industrial automation enterprises, and the return on investment will not exceed 12 months

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