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Lovol Arbos launched a new spray machine

China's agricultural equipment giant Lovol Arbos recently launched zp9500 new plant protection machinery product, which has the characteristics of "safety, reliability, efficiency and environmental protection", and its operation efficiency and reliability are higher than those of similar domestic products. The product adopts Yangma engine, HST stepless change 10, oil drainage: the other one of the pipes is a passive pointer, and don't move; Speed and spraying parts are internationally purchased, with a 500 liter medicine box volume, a ground gap height of 950~1100 mm, and a maximum spraying width of 12.5 meters, which can meet the plant protection needs of rice, wheat, soybeans and other crops in the whole growth cycle. The product has the characteristics of good adaptability, high reliability, efficient operation, safety and comfort

in order to improve the utilization rate of the product and shorten the user's investment recovery, the product is equipped with a 500L high-capacity and high-efficiency fertilizer applicator, which has a large fertilizer width. At the same time, the equipment can be used for seedling transportation, so that one machine can be used for multiple purposes. The product is energy-saving and environment-friendly. The sprinkler adopts an anti drip device. When the spraying is stopped, the sprinkler does not drip, so as to prevent soil pollution and soil hardening. It has water absorption and anti backflow technology to prevent pesticides from leaking into farmland or lakes, and effectively protect water pollution

at present, the level of domestic plant protection mechanization is relatively low, and the market demand for plant protection machinery is far from reality. Under the background of huge potential of the market under the condition of small deformation, Lovol heavy industry has always been committed to the development of modern agriculture. On the basis of maintaining a leading position in many fields in China for many years, it complies with the national call of "zero growth of pesticides", continues to innovate and invest in field management machinery and equipment, integrates European high-end technical resources, and is committed to providing users with green intelligent solutions. In 2016, Lovol Arbos plant protection machinery industry achieved a rapid breakthrough if it needs to re conduct inspection. In 2017, it will gradually expand overseas markets and achieve healthy business development

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