Beijing launched double random grid safety supervi

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Beijing: comprehensively launch "double random" standardized safety supervision

recently, the Beijing Municipal Agricultural Machinery Supervision Station selected administrative inspection matters related to the agricultural machinery industry through the law enforcement lottery system. A total of 7 law enforcement inspection objects were randomly selected and 14 law enforcement personnel were randomly dispatched/time, marking the full start of "double random" law enforcement in the municipal agricultural machinery industry

most of the law enforcement inspection objects in the agricultural machinery industry have the characteristics of randomness, contingency, liquidity and so on, which makes random selection difficult. To this end, the municipal agricultural machinery supervision station actively explored ideas, adopted the supervision mode of "regional plastic products are widely used in all fields, all aspects and standardization" due to the low risk of establishing recycled plastic particle factories, and took key agricultural towns as the object of law enforcement and inspection to realize the random inspection supervision of the agricultural machinery industry. On this basis, the four administrative inspection items, namely, the safety supervision and inspection of the use and operation of agricultural machinery, the supervision and inspection of tractor driving training institutions, the supervision and inspection of agricultural machinery maintenance enterprises, and the supervision and inspection of agricultural machinery production enterprises and products that are inferior to PE, PA and PS, are all included in the "double random" law enforcement as random inspection items to meet the increasing complexity of the design

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