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On August 31, 2011, the State Council issued a notice on printing and distributing a comprehensive work plan for energy conservation and emission reduction in the 12th Five Year Plan, which pointed out that we should fully understand the importance, urgency and arduousness of doing a good job in energy conservation and emission reduction in the 12th Five Year Plan. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's development is still in an important period of strategic opportunities that can make great achievements. With the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization and the continuous upgrading of consumption structure, China's energy demand shows a rigid growth. Haig continued: our analysis results show that due to the constraints of domestic resource guarantee capacity and environmental capacity, as well as global energy security and coping with the impact of climate change, resource and environmental constraints are increasingly strengthened. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the situation of energy conservation and emission reduction is still very serious and the task is very arduous

in order to implement the spirit of the document of the State Council, on September 7, 2011, the energy-saving technology seminar of the 7C3 partnership plan for the generation of interstitial compounds (Fe, Cr, Mo, Mn) with 4-element alloys in energy-efficient power plants was held at the talent development and Research Institute of Baosteel Group. At this meeting, Baosteel Group and aishe technology energy saving service company discussed the energy-saving tasks of the 12th Five Year Plan and jointly discussed the energy-saving plan of the air compressor system. This meeting was attended by the relevant energy-saving departments and equipment departments of Baosteel Group headquarters and branches, as well as Baosteel energy conservation company. It mainly focused on the energy-saving potential of the air compressor system and the best choice for energy-saving G-type impact device. Combined with the production practice within Baosteel Group, we jointly listened to aise Technology's energy-saving analysis of the steel plant on the air compressor system, The analysis points out that the energy saving of air compressors in iron and steel enterprises in China is blank. The energy consumption waste of air compressor system in iron and steel enterprises is relatively large, and the energy-saving potential is large. The energy-saving rate of some factories can reach more than 30%. 1 enterprise seeking: ① building a harmonious enterprise is our highest pursuit

Baosteel Group has put energy conservation of air compressors on the agenda of the company's energy-saving projects this year, and the annual power consumption of air compressors accounts for% of the group's overall energy consumption. Professor caimaolin, the chief expert of aise technology, constantly resonated with Baosteel Group's personnel in communication, and answered many problems that troubled engineers for a long time, such as large compressed air loss, large air compressor energy consumption and so on, which laid a theoretical foundation and strong technical support for Baosteel Group in air compressor energy conservation

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