Beijing konova launched SX series inkjet printer

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Beijing corona launched SX series inkjet printer

recently, Beijing corona and Matthews launched SX series inkjet printer, including China's first large character inkjet printer sx7/16 and multi-function inkjet printer sx32

the universal sx7/sx16 large character inkjet printer adopts the integrated design of controller and nozzle, which is easy to install on various conveyor belts and production lines. The nozzle adopts laser drilling( Ф two hundred μ m) Industrial grade diamonds to ensure that the ink dots sprayed are more rounded. The nozzle adopts a dual photoelectric induction system, which can automatically or restore the power supply function of the broken battery to complete the printing direction control and speed measurement of the production line. The industrial special sx32 multi-function inkjet printer is the main model of this new product. The controller adopts a dual processor design WDS ⑶ waterproof coiled material experimental machine. The simple dynamic experimental machine mainly includes: fatigue experimental machine: Message universal experimental machine, one-way pulsation fatigue experimental machine, impact experimental machine, etc, It can provide strong data computing ability and good hardware fault tolerance. The machine adopts the Linux industrial version operating system, and the controller provides rich interfaces with good scalability. It can be connected with four 8000 Series nozzles with 7 nozzles, two 16 nozzles or one 32 nozzle to spray different information or graphics

the launch of this new product reflects that the industry attaches great importance to it, which fully demonstrates the strength of konova in the field of inkjet printer. The powerful technical performance and unique appearance design of the new products represent the latest trend of inkjet printer products in 2007

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