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Lovol Gushen corn grain harvester helps Shandong meet the harvest in the third autumn

Lovol Gushen corn grain harvester helps Shandong meet the harvest in the third autumn

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on September 9, the on-site meeting of the whole process mechanized production of the third autumn in Shandong Province was held in Daiyue district, Tai'an City. The meeting arranged and deployed the whole process mechanized work of the third autumn, and the key technologies of the whole process mechanized operation of corn were demonstrated on site, Lovol apos participated in the on-site demonstration of a variety of equipment, including two longitudinal axial-flow corn grain harvesters gk120 and gm80 under Lovol Ceres, which attracted much attention for their efficient and comprehensive operating performance

Shandong Sanqiu agricultural mechanization production site meeting

in the on-site machine demonstration link, Lovol Ceres gk120 and gm80 harvesters completed the corn grain harvest at one time, breaking the previous cumbersome processes of corn harvest, such as ear picking, peeling and threshing, which is time-saving and labor-saving. The average grade of lithium oxide is 1.77% "Lovol Ceres gk120 has a clean harvest and low damage rate, and the effect is very ideal. Harvesting corn can also be as easy as harvesting wheat." Master Liang, who came to the scene to observe, said happily

the friction surface of corn seeds should be clean, and the new era of grain harvest

it is understood that the threshing drum configured for this Lovol Ceres gk120 corn grain harvester adopts a hydraulic stepless speed regulation mode, with a wide range of speed regulation and button operation in the cab, which is suitable for corn grain harvest under various moisture conditions; Adopting advanced large-diameter longitudinal axial flow separation technology, the separation area is large and the crushing rate is low; The equipped hydraulic rotation heightens the unloading cylinder until 10 gaskets are punctured once, and the unloading height reaches more than 4.5 meters, which is suitable for grain receiving vehicles with different heights

"Combined with the agronomic characteristics of Shandong Province and the main grain producing areas in China, Lovol apos has developed a number of Lovol Ceres corn harvesters with good row spacing adaptability, compact operation efficiency structure, high interface modular design rate and low harvest loss. Moreover, based on the upgrading of the current agricultural machinery, the Lovol Ceres corn grain harvester demonstrated in this demonstration can realize the harvest of soybeans, wheat and other crops by replacing the header and threshing elements without replacing the drum The harvest of planting crops will truly realize 'one machine with multiple uses' and improve the income of agricultural machinery. " Said the market head of Lovol Arbos group

on site, Lovol Ceres cb03 corn harvester, Lovol baler, plant protection UAV and other equipment also participated in the demonstration

Lovol baler helps the comprehensive utilization of straw in Sanqiu

with the official opening of the full mechanized production of Sanqiu in Shandong Province, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment will fully support the rush harvest of autumn grain this year with excellent equipment and considerate services

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