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Lovol public welfare once again sent love to the left behind children in Henan and Anhui

Lovol public welfare once again sent love to the left behind children in Henan and Anhui

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from December 2 to 5, Lovol public welfare once again embarked on the love journey of caring for the left behind children in Henan and Anhui, and issued the fourth financial aid to 309 left behind children in Dancheng County, Pingyu county and Luoshan County in Henan Province, The third financial aid was granted to 190 left behind children in Lu'an City, Anhui Province. The whole activity took 4 days, and the whole love journey lasted more than 2000 kilometers. At the same time, this financial aid distribution activity was carried out simultaneously with the "family 1+1" family twinning care activity. A total of 11 caring families and Lovol volunteers entered the families of left behind children together, sending them school supplies and daily necessities, which made the originally cold winter feel warm

caring action makes left behind children grow up happily

Zhang Yuqing is a left behind child in Dancheng County, Henan Province. This is the fourth time that volunteer Wang Gang has come to her home. Zhang Yuqing, who is now in Grade 7, has always been at the top of her class in academic performance. Her parents have been working as builders in Jiangsu all year round, living with her grandmother and often completing housework independently

when xiaoyuqing saw volunteers from Lovol coming home from a distance, she hurried to meet them. Looking at xiaoyuqing's innocent smiling face, Wang Gang, a Lovol volunteer, asked, "Hello, do you still remember me?" "Of course I remember. This is the fourth time my uncle has come to my house. Every time he comes, he brings me a lot of things." Xiaoyuqing answered playfully. Wang Gang, a volunteer of Lovol, vaguely remembers that when he first met xiaoyuqing, he was very introverted and dared not talk to strangers. However, facing so many strangers today, xiaoyuqing talked with volunteers face to face with a smile and took the initiative to move stools and pour hot water for volunteers. When Lovol volunteers handed over the school supplies and financial aid specially prepared for xiaoyuqing, a bright smile appeared on their faces again, "thank you, thank you!" Xiaoyuqing thanked happily

seeing the change of xiaoyuqing, the volunteers felt that the efforts over the past four years had not been in vain. For a long time, Lovol volunteers have not only regularly sent material help to the left behind children, but also daily correspondence, so that they can get new spiritual materials. The veil of the 13th five year plan has been gradually lifted, and they can grow up healthily and happily like other children

pair up to help, volunteers take on temporary parents

in addition to regular visits and condolences, Lovol volunteers also paired up with families of left behind children to become their temporary parents, so that they can feel father's love and mother's love

"five brothers of the Ma family" are five children from a poor left behind child family donated by Lovol public welfare in Pingyu, Henan Province. Because their two sons go out to work, mazhifa and Jia Aizhi, who are in their 60s, can stop trying to record and print the experimental data. The old couple take care of these five grandchildren at home. They study very well. Every year, they get a pile of certificates from school, and the walls of their homes are covered with certificates. So far, Lovol public welfare has funded the "five brothers of the Ma family" for four years. In the process of helping five children one-on-one, Lovol public welfare volunteers are moved every time they walk into the home of these five children and see the certificate wall

in order to take better care of five children to school and reduce the cost of food and accommodation, grandparents borrowed the house of relatives near the school, but because there was no heating facilities, the home was extremely cold. When they saw the Lovol volunteers who had been in contact with them, the five teenagers ran forward excitedly and hugged the volunteers tightly, "aunt Zhu Lei, we miss you. Grandma's number has changed, and you have to write it down." The children burst into tears of excitement. It was noon when I visited the five brothers of the Ma family. This was specially arranged by Zhu Lei, a Lovol volunteer, who wanted to have a "decent" lunch with five children and two old people. Today's lunch is undoubtedly comparable to a long-awaited "New Year's Eve dinner" for this big family. After lunch, Zhulei, a volunteer of Lovol, was reluctant to leave because she had already regarded the "five brothers of the Ma family" as her own children and was reluctant to leave them. Although the problem of left behind children cannot be solved immediately, volunteers call on all sectors of society to pay more attention to left behind children, and contribute their modest efforts to care for left behind children and warm them

pan Meicheng, a left behind child in Luoshan, Henan Province, is now in Grade 7, with excellent academic performance. My father is deaf and mute. He works as a construction worker outside all the year round. My grandfather is ill. He has just returned from working in other places. The only economic income of the family depends on my father alone. In order not to delay his fast time in class, the volunteers specially went to his home to meet his grandmother and then came to his school. Only then did they see Meicheng. When volunteer Hou Zhiguo told Meicheng that Uncle Wang Yuliang, who had been in contact with him, couldn't come to see him temporarily, he seemed to be a little frustrated. It has been three years since Wang Yuliang paired up with Pan Meicheng to help him. The last time he came to see him was in 2012. During this period, he kept in touch and kept sending school supplies to pan Meicheng during the winter and summer holidays and children's day. The "father and son" established a deep and sincere relationship. Wang Yuliang also expressed his regret for this. He specially entrusted a volunteer to explain to him face-to-face and sent the financial aid and school supplies he brought to pan Meicheng. The sensible Meicheng immediately asked his grandmother to call Uncle Wang Yuliang to express his gratitude and express his missing for his uncle

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family affection 1+1 family twinning care activity is a sub project of "Lovol public welfare · care for left behind children plan". At present, the caring employees of Foton Lovol heavy industry are twinning with 57 left behind children. Through daily communication, holiday greetings, and face-to-face communication with children, children can feel the warmth of the social family and care from both spiritual and material dimensions, Children from other normal families grow up under the same blue sky

"Lovol public welfare · caring for left behind Children program" has been developing with a spark to start a prairie fire since it was launched in Henan in 2011. So far, it has entered Henan, Anhui, Gansu, Ningxia, Heilongjiang, Yunnan, Sichuan, Shandong, Inner Mongolia and other places, held 28 activities, made a love journey of more than 50000 kilometers, dispatched more than 400 Lovol public welfare volunteers, and funded 5357 left behind children

it is reported that the persistence of "Lovol public welfare · caring for left behind Children program" over the past four years has been widely concerned and recognized by the society. On October 20, 2014, at the 2014 China Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise Social Summit and model award ceremony, Foton Lovol heavy industry won the title of "2014 China equipment manufacturing enterprise social performer model", which is the only award-winning unit of agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprises in China

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