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Lovol baler provides a new scheme for straw utilization

speaking of straw cleaning and transportation, many people who lived in rural areas in childhood recall the scene of picking some simple farm tools onto tractors and other tools for outward transportation. The cleaning and transportation efficiency is low, and there are scattered straws falling on the roadside. Stacking on the street is not only unsightly, but also a safety hazard

as a large grain producing county, the utilization of straw once became a thorny problem for the local government and villagers. In the summer of this year, Lovol baler came into play, providing a new solution for the utilization of straw. The Lovol baler was understated in the field, and the baled straw immediately had a new "husband's family". It can be said that straw burning is forbidden, and how many villagers are worried at a time; The new scheme can solve the big problem of baling and transportation

small machines have great ability

I believe many people have such doubts when they first see Lovol baling opportunities. Although its appearance is very high, a person's tall green body doesn't look tall. It can be said that it is a small machine. Can it really play a big role

at first, users in lising county also had such a murmur in their hearts. However, at a demonstration meeting some time ago, the excellent performance of Lovol baler dispelled all their doubts

the ultra-high pickup rate, strong and tidy straw bales, and the efficiency of 20 mu per hour brightened the eyes of the users present. Peibo, the salesman of Lovol, and mazhixiang, the service team member, knew about the product performance and use methods. Many customers also showed their demand for ordering machines on the spot

"although he looks small, he is full of fine products. This small knotter alone is imported from Germany. It can complete knotting once in 0.6 seconds, with stable performance and high reliability, and the bale forming rate can reach 99%..." Peibo introduced to customers who visited the demonstration, which stimulated many users' desire to buy

"at present, the state is very strict with straw incinerators, and has a good subsidy policy for purchasing balers that are twice the industrial standard adhesives. By watching this demonstration, I think Lovol's balers are good, and Foton Lovol is a large enterprise, so the products can be used at ease. I calculated carefully, and if I make good use of them, it will definitely make money after the wheat harvest this summer." Sun Guangming, a villager in sunxiaozhai village, Jiangji Town, Lixin County, was acutely aware of this and bought a baler on the spot

this year, 170 Lovol balers were also sold in Lixin County, becoming the main force of straw bundling in Sanxia county. The group army composed of small machines shuttled back and forth in 1.78 million mu of fields in Lixin County, providing a good guarantee for the smooth progress of summer planting

after the wheat harvest, shuttle through the golden wheat field in lishing county. The blue tractor drags a green baler. This pair of Lovol's good partners' work scene has a high appearance rate. At the same time, neat wheat straw bundles in the field have written special characters, which constitutes another beautiful picture of Sanxia. According to the weekly report of straw burning satellite monitoring of the Ministry of environmental protection, no fire has been found in Lixin County since the summer of March, and Lovol's small machine has played a huge role

Lovol baler operation

Lovol baler operation is efficient

"four wins" situation Lovol created

"old horse, bundle the wheat straw in my field, and I plan to plant corn tomorrow..." on June 10, mazonglin in Jiulong village, Panlou Town, Lixin County just got up in the morning and received a call from the farmers in the village

due to the new subsidy policy introduced by Lixin County this year, mazonglin spent more than 40000 yuan to buy a Lovol baler, which also made him a focus person in the village, and an endless stream of farmers invited him to the field every day to bale

"my son and I take turns to drive this baler. We can bale more than 200 mu a day, and we can get a subsidy of 40 yuan for one mu of land. Calculated, it will be an income of more than 8000 yuan a day." As a new means to create wealth, Lovol baler made the old horse taste the sweetness

this summer, the village gave him 1000 mu to bale, and he finished his homework in a few days. In order to ensure the timely implementation of summer planting, the town has allocated some land to neighboring villages. The old horse made a solid profit this summer. These straws have also become good raw materials for power plants, paper mills and bioenergy manufacturers

before the start of the three summer festival, Yian new energy company in Lixin County, Bozhou city also took the opportunity to purchase 70 Lovol balers at one time. These 70 balers were distributed to the machine operators for free. An agreement was signed with the local government that the straw belonged to the company, which solved the problem of raw material sources

in fact, another way of straw utilization is returning to the field. However, although straw returning to the field has many benefits, it will also cause difficulties in seedling rooting, the lack of nitrogen fertilizer on the test piece by the soil pressure roll, the breeding of bacteria and pests and other problems. Therefore, Lixin County Agricultural Machinery Bureau encourages the bundling and transportation of straw

a staff member of Lixin County Agricultural Machinery Bureau said: "In recent years, the county has been committed to how to achieve zero incineration of straw. At this time, the proposal of the straw bundling and transportation plan not only solves the problem of farmers' straw utilization, but also avoids various penalties caused by straw incineration. In addition, the income of the machine and the timely supply of straw utilization enterprises, it can be said that Lovol's computer control of a machine, the integration of all digital technology and graphic display technology, has created a 'four win' situation."

the whole process service ensures the cleaning and transportation of straw

"please note that the hook and wedge keys are found to fall off today. Please pay attention to the inspection to avoid such phenomena." Li Guangchun, the information receiver of the Sanxia Service Agricultural Machinery sub command center of Foton Lovol heavy industry, released such a message in the LISIN service group

it is reported that in order to ensure the timely completion of the task of straw removal and transportation in Lixin County, Foton Lovol heavy industry sent 90 service team members to form a special service team for the baler to provide maintenance services. These service team members are scattered in various villages and towns, basically ensuring that every baler can enjoy rapid service in case of failure

before that, Foton Lovol heavy industry United Agricultural Machinery Bureau and local dealers conducted special training for the machine operators, including the working principle, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting methods of the baler, and conducted 100% commissioning and synchronizer adjustment before delivery

"in order to ensure the efficiency of the baler and avoid the untimely removal of straw due to faults, we have carried out the whole process of tracking service. At the same time, we have established a group of service team members to send the main faults to the group, which truly achieves interconnection, information sharing and common improvement of service level." Zhou Yong, deputy commander of the sub command center, said

Lovol service team members explain the use method to users after overhauling the equipment

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