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Beijing Jitian Instrument Co., Ltd. 2009bceia gold award product introduction


at the just concluded 13th Beijing analytical testing Symposium and Exhibition (bceia2009) hosted by China analytical testing association, the first fully automatic rapid solvent extraction instrument aple-2000 independently developed by Jitian company in China, as well as integrated innovation, flow injection, sample pretreatment Fia-6000, a fully automatic flow injection analyzer combined with UV visible detection, won two gold awards at one stroke! It is the only manufacturer to win two gold awards at this event, and its key technologies have filled the gap of domestic similar instruments

I. automatic pressurized liquid extractor (aple-2000)

automatic pressurized liquid extractor (aple) is an innovative achievement of the "Tenth Five Year Plan" of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China. After it was launched on the market in July 2008, it was soon rated as "2008 excellent new product of scientific instruments" and won the "Gold Award for independent innovation" issued by the association of analytical instruments, filling the domestic gap. The extractor can completely replace the traditional extraction methods: Soxhlet extraction, automatic Soxhlet extraction, ultrasonic extraction, microwave extraction, supercritical fluid extraction and so on. And compared with the traditional extraction method, it has its outstanding technical advantages: it can greatly shorten the extraction time, improve the extraction efficiency, reduce the amount of extraction solvent, significantly reduce the extraction cost of a single sample, green environmental protection, high degree of automation

the introduction of full-automatic rapid solvent extraction instrument has greatly improved the extraction efficiency. It is fully automated design, equipped with a 24 position sample pool, and is expected to be used on electric vehicles and collection bottle turntables in 2021 (2) 022. Unattended, it can continuously and automatically extract 24 samples. The whole extraction process of samples: preheating, loading solvent (pressurization), heating, extraction, rinsing, filtration, purification The purging is fully automated. Compared with traditional extraction methods, this product adopts pressurized solvent extraction (PSE) technology, which can save a lot of extraction time, process samples with a flux of 8 ~ 20min/sample, and can significantly reduce the amount of solvent used for extraction, which is green and environment-friendly. The product adopts a completely enclosed design, which effectively reduces the volatilization of organic solvents and the time workers contact organic solvents when handling samples, which is healthy and safe

this product adopts a brand-new "360 ° all round heating furnace" design, which further improves the heating efficiency of the sample and ensures the heat balance between the heating furnace and the sample pool to ensure its good thermal insulation performance, which can improve the sample flux and ensure the consistency of thermal parameters when processing samples (temperature control accuracy ± 1c); In addition, the equipment has built-in pressure control unit and overvoltage protection system, which can ensure the safe and reliable operation of the instrument. The new sample notch symmetry plane should be located on the symmetry plane of the two supports. "Pressure control unit" adopts balanced pressure control. When the deviation from the user's set value is 0.3MPa, it automatically starts to stabilize the pressure, and maintain a stable extraction pressure to ensure the consistency of pressure parameters when extracting samples. In addition, the user interface adopts advanced touch-screen design, and provides a complete set of sample extraction parameters (extraction pressure, extraction temperature, extraction time, rinsing volume, purging time, etc.), which can be set flexibly by the user, and the extraction conditions can be optimized conveniently

although rapid solvent extraction is a new technology developed in recent years (especially in China), it has attracted great attention of scientists in analytical chemistry because of its outstanding advantages. Rapid solvent extraction has been widely used in the fields of environment, natural products, food, agriculture, chemical industry, criminal investigation, tobacco and so on, and the application field is still expanding

The listing of aple-2000 has well realized its scientific and technological innovation purpose as the "National Tenth Five year key project", and achieved good economic and social benefits. It can be called a high-tech product with independent innovation, high quality and low price. In addition, with the progress of society and the development of science and technology, especially the development of analytical technology, the rapid solvent extraction technology is also rapidly being accepted by scientific researchers. From the standard method (epa3545) issued by the EPA of the United States to the relevant national standard analytical methods (gb/t, gb/t) formulated by China in recent years, therefore, with the passage of time, the full-automatic rapid solvent extraction instrument aple-2000 will have a broader market potential

II. Fia-6000 automatic flow injection analyzer

fia-6000 automatic flow injection analyzer is a sub topic "automatic sample pretreatment device" (project number (2004ba210a05), "automatic sample pretreatment device" (project number) of the major scientific and technological research project of the Ministry of science and technology in the "Tenth Five Year Plan" of the national Ministry of science and technology, "research and development of scientific instruments", the project "research and development of automatic sample pretreatment instruments and equipment" The successful industrialization achievement of the subject "automatic sample pretreatment device" (Project No. y) in the Beijing Science and technology plan project "research and development of Beijing optical electromechanical industrialization"

at present, the detection of water, food and most environmental samples mainly relies on manual analysis methods, which are widely used. However, the traditional manual analysis methods can not adapt to the development of the situation in terms of analysis speed, accuracy, energy consumption and so on. Automatic rapid detection has become the development trend of detection technology

since its establishment, Beijing Jitian Instrument Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development of scientific instruments. Especially in recent years, in cooperation with Academician Fang zhaolun of Northeastern University in the study of flow injection analysis, he has successfully developed an atomic fluorescence spectrometer for flow injection sampling, and participated in the scientific research project "automatic sample pretreatment device" of the Ministry of science and technology and Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. On this basis, he has successfully industrialized fia-6000 automatic flow injection analyzer

fia-6000 automatic flow injection analyzer has carried out a series of innovative designs such as modularization, standardization and multi-function. It can realize the pretreatment of samples, and then realize fully automatic sample analysis. The key technology lies in the organic combination of flow injection technology, sample pretreatment technology and UV-vis spectrophotometry. This instrument can realize the sample pretreatment functions such as distillation, heating, UV radiation, condensation, extraction, dilution, dialysis and reduction. It can realize the rapid and accurate analysis of cyanide, volatile phenol, anionic surfactant, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, sulfide, nitrate nitrogen/nitrite nitrogen, urea and other items

fia-6000 automatic flow injection analyzer won the Gold Award for independent innovation at the 5th China International Scientific Instrument Laboratory Equipment Exhibition (Cisile) in 2007; In 2007, it won the scientific and technological achievement award issued by the China instrumentation society. In 2009, it won the title of "Beijing independent innovation product" issued by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. At present, fia-6000 has applied for two invention patents, one utility model patent, one invention patent and one utility model patent, and has published more than 10 scientific papers. It is a scientific instrument with independent intellectual property rights

Fia-6000 automatic flow injection analyzer can be applied to many industries in China, such as environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, medicine, sewage, drinking water, food hygiene testing, commodity inspection, metallurgy, geology and so on. It not only breaks the monopoly of foreign instruments, replaces imports, saves a lot of foreign exchange for the country, but also develops the international market, and can contribute to China's export earnings. In the 21st century, more and more attention is paid to environmental protection and human health. As a fully automatic instrument with low reagent consumption, low labor and high efficiency, automatic flow injection analyzer will replace manual chemical analysis and be applied to all walks of life to liberate human resources and apply them to higher-level labor. This is the inevitable trend of scientific and Technological Development and the future of liberating chemical analysts

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