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Lovol construction machinery once again helps the world-class infrastructure project

Lovol construction machinery once again helps the world-class infrastructure project

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Shenzhen China channel is a bridge and tunnel channel connecting Shenzhen and Zhongshan in Guangdong Province. The route starts from the interchange of Guangzhou Shenzhen riverside Expressway airport, connects with the connecting line on the Shenzhen side, crosses the Pearl River Estuary westward, lands on Ma'an Island, Cuiheng New District, Zhongshan, and finally connects with Hengmen. The total length is 24 kilometers. The Shenzhen China Corridor project is a world-class cluster project of "bridges, islands, tunnels, and underground connectivity", a major transportation infrastructure project determined by the national "13th five year plan" and the Pearl River Delta planning outline. It is also an important transportation link connecting the three major areas of the Guangdong Free Trade Zone and connecting the Pearl River to create another business card made in China. The one belt one road Initiative puts forward the two major functional groups of "Shenzhen Dongguan Huiqi gel" and "Pearl River Delta", It is a convenient channel from eastern Guangdong to western Guangdong and even the southwest

in the middle of 2019, Lovol construction machinery group carried out construction machinery leasing business cooperation with the project contractor, and now 12 Lovol excavators have been stationed in the Shenzhen China channel project. In order to fully meet the needs of the project, Hunan xiangwo, an agent of Lovol engineering machinery, provides full value chain guarantee, and all links, from equipment mobilization, machine recruitment management, to service guarantee, lease accounts, are managed by professionals

human beings always like to constantly. This circuit includes four parts: hydraulic source, clamping piston cylinder actuator, switching solenoid valve, and signal control part. It challenges all kinds of impossibility. Even now, we can't imagine how difficult the construction process of a sea crossing bridge is. Fortunately, with the help of engineering machinery, we are turning more and more impossibilities into possibilities. Now, everyone is working together for the construction of this bridge, and the world is also paying attention to its birth. By then, the commuting time between Zhongshan and Shenzhen will be reduced from 2 hours to 30 minutes. In addition to greatly reducing the traffic pressure of Humen Bridge, it will also completely change the traffic bottleneck of Zhanjiang, Maoming and Yangjiang in the direction of western Guangdong, which must pass through Humen before entering and leaving Shenzhen. The transportation infrastructure in Guangdong not only opens a broad development prospect for the Greater Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, but also shows the charm of made in China. Lovol is proud to contribute to the construction of the motherland

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