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Lovol balers are popular in Ordos, Inner Mongolia recently, a Lovol baler product on-site demonstration was successfully held in etok banner, Ordos, Inner Mongolia. Dozens of large farmers of agricultural machinery have personally experienced the operating performance of Lovol baler. Lovol baler has lived up to expectations and has won unanimous praise on the site for its stable and reliable performance under a series of operating conditions, fast operation speed, high bale forming rate, clean picking and other outstanding characteristics

Erdos users feel the operating performance of Lovol baler on the spot

in the view of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment, crop straw is an important agricultural resource, which is valuable if used, and harmful if discarded. Crop straws use the upper link planting industry and the lower link breeding industry to radiate and drive the processing of agricultural products. Since there is no problem with feed, fertilizer and experiment, it is also fuel, raw materials and base materials. It is not only related to production, but also related to life and ecology. It is an important way for farmers and herdsmen to increase their income and employment

Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment focuses on the function and performance of balers to create a series of baler products with good adaptability, rich functions, high efficiency and reliability. At present, Lovol square baler has covered many product platforms, such as medium and low density, middle side, square and round bales, picking and crushing, and can meet the needs of major straw comprehensive utilization regions in the Central Plains, Northwest China and other countries. The rich product portfolio not only shows the power and performance advantages of Lovol square baler, but also shows the good development trend of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment in the field of agricultural machinery and tools

Lovol balers are popular in Ordos, Inner Mongolia. The Lovol mf6045 straw square baler demonstrated on site this time is the fist product of Lovol apos agricultural equipment and agricultural machinery business. In addition to the imported core components, the product also adopts the national patented crushing device and pickup integral exchange technology, which can realize multiple functions of one machine. At the same time, the square baling machine adopts the double cam disc technology, which ensures that the spring tooth beam, rollers and other parts are stressed evenly, and greatly improves the service life of the pickup. In combination with the system optimized spring tooth strength, linear speed and feeding auger, the crop anti winding device is added, so that the crop feeding is smoother, does not accumulate, and does not miss picking

experts said that the launch and rapid application of domestic advanced agricultural machinery and tools represented by Lovol baler will play an important role in how to make the structure have better waterproof performance and improve the utilization level of the straw comprehensive pair in Ordos and even the whole Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

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