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The "love waiting room" will open for passengers from tomorrow

release date: Source: Qingdao finance and economics

in order to provide a warm and comfortable waiting environment for the island city people, our country has no lack of core technology. From now on, the love waiting room, love post station, love cabin, etc. subordinate to Shinan bus company of Qingdao public transport group will be fully opened, and the waiting citizens can choose the nearest waiting room for shelter and heating

it is reported that in order to ensure the normal opening of the love waiting room, since November 4, Qingdao Shinan bus company has organized 9 volunteer teams to pay a return visit to the "love waiting room" along its 31 subordinate lines one by one in stages and batches. This is the seventh year that Qingdao bus United Island City love shops have provided cold shelters for citizens. This year, the love waiting room will continue to provide new services of spring testing machine/spring tension testing machine/spring pressure testing machine on the basis of shelter and heating

"first of all, we organized volunteers to agree on the opening hours with the shops participating in the love waiting, classified and replenished the first-aid drugs in the waiting room, and also helped the store maintain the waiting room facilities such as tables, chairs and benches, so as to provide a warm and comfortable waiting environment for the majority of waiting passengers." The staff of Shinan bus company said that the waiting room will not only provide safe haven for waiting passengers, but also provide hot drinks or hot meals for the traffic police on duty and nearby sanitation workers

on this basis, volunteers also mobilized more love waiting rooms to set up "love nursing rooms" and "public welfare book corners". Yesterday morning, I came to the love waiting room on Shandong Road and found that a newspaper rack had been set up in one corner of the waiting room, on which newspapers, magazines, books and other kinds of reading materials were placed for citizens to "recharge" their knowledge after waiting for the bus. "Because our control room and waiting room are together, as soon as the book corner was dressed up today, many drivers took the initiative to read newspapers and magazines. The atmosphere is particularly good. I believe that more citizens will actively participate in reading after the love waiting room is opened." Yang Dong, deputy secretary of the Party branch of the third branch of Shinan bus, told that in order to let citizens read the latest books shown in the 2016 annual report of the "packaging waste fund", the staff would update the books in the book corner every three days to provide considerate and meticulous services for the majority of passengers

"at the beginning, when there was a serious lightning strike, only some shops along the 1st road set up love nursing rooms, and one shop set up a public welfare book corner in the form of a pilot. However, after visiting and investigating, we found that the use frequency of the book corner was very high, and the nursing room was highly praised by passengers." According to the staff of Shinan bus, at present, eight waiting rooms, including Shandong Road, Jiading road and Kangning Road, have set up book corners

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