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Beijing has launched the "smart manufacturing 100" project

with the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and advanced manufacturing, a new round of industrial reform represented by intelligent manufacturing is emerging in the world. Made in China 2025 clearly takes intelligent manufacturing as the main direction. On June 1, the Beijing official company meeting prepared and released the "smart manufacturing 100 project implementation plan" to support traditional advantageous industries to implement smart manufacturing technology transformation, realize the transformation of digitalization, networking and intelligence, and accelerate the development of high-end and sophisticated industries

jiangguangzhi, deputy inspector of the Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, said that in order to thoroughly implement the made in China 2025, Beijing timely launched the smart manufacturing 100 project, and implemented digital, networking, and intelligent transformation of traditional advantageous industries that conform to the strategic positioning of the capital city and are suitable for the development of asphalt composite tire flexible waterproof coiled material jc/t690 ⑴ 998 in Beijing. Greenhouse film can be considered as an easy to recycle material source to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and improve quality and efficiency, Re create new driving forces for industrial development

the smart manufacturing 100 project proposes that by 2020, Beijing will implement about 100 smart manufacturing application demonstration projects, such as digital workshops, smart factories, Beijing Tianjin Hebei intelligent manufacturing, and create about 60 smart manufacturing benchmarking enterprises. By implementing application demonstration projects and building benchmark enterprises, we will lead and drive the intelligent transformation and upgrading of key industries, promote the R & D and industrialization of a number of key intelligent components, industrial software, equipment and systems to achieve breakthroughs, and cultivate a number of high-level system solution suppliers and single champions in the field of intelligent manufacturing based in Beijing and serving the country

specifically, the numerical control rate of key process equipment in application demonstration enterprises will reach 75%, the per capita labor productivity and resource and energy utilization efficiency will be significantly improved, and the operating cost, product development cycle and product defect rate will be significantly reduced; Form 50 intelligent manufacturing system solutions with significant demonstration effect, and cultivate about 10 intelligent manufacturing system solution suppliers with an annual income of more than 1billion yuan; Cultivate more than 5 individual champion enterprises in the fields of intelligent manufacturing core equipment, key components, support software, etc; Create more than three smart cloud platforms, improve industrial interconnection infrastructure, and support the improvement of the intelligent level of small and medium-sized enterprises

Geng Lei, deputy director of the intelligent equipment department of the Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, said that accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing is an important starting point for Beijing to build a sophisticated economic structure and a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence; It is the internal requirement to alleviate the contradiction between population, resources and environment and to treat urban diseases; It is the inevitable choice to ease the non capital function and speed up the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei; In order to build a national smart manufacturing highland, the Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology will increase its support for the smart manufacturing 100 project from the aspects of integrating existing resources, strengthening policy linkage, creating a development environment and building an ecosystem

as a typical case of implementing digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation, Shi Hongyuan, deputy general manager of Hollysys technology group, said that Hollysys achieved digitalization and networking in the whole production process by implementing the digitalization workshop transformation project. The workshop adopts a control system with independent intellectual property rights, and has built a programmable controller automatic flexible production line through the organic combination of industrial robots, intelligent warehousing and logistics equipment and product data platform, industrial interconnection and other information technologies. Compared with before the transformation, the numerical control rate of equipment has been increased to 85%, the production capacity has been increased by 2.2 times, the production efficiency (production capacity per person hour) has been increased by 4.85 times, the product repair rate has been reduced by 40%, the energy consumption per unit product has been reduced by more than 10%, and the production personnel have been reduced by 51.3%

Ning Xiaojian, senior manager of TPV Display Technology Co., Ltd., said that by implementing the smart factory transformation project, optimizing the links of R & D, procurement, manufacturing and after-sales, integrating the information of each unit on the factory site, getting the information needed for the operation in real time and making decisions quickly, the company has formed an intelligent factory characterized by informatization, which has achieved a 33% increase in production efficiency (per person hour capacity) and a 29% reduction in R & D cycle, The defective product rate is reduced by 38% and the production line manpower is reduced by 56%

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