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Reclaim shareholder power and reshape companies - Today News Post Today News || UK News

If you are interested in Covid conspiracy theories you will have heard no end of claims about the nasty capitalist (or worse) motives of the bigThe mobile vaccine team from Humber River Hospital loads more than a hundred doses of vaccine prior to going floor to floor to vaccinate residents o?pharmaceutical companiest be something that.

They have no interest in your health. They are nothing but profit machines, dedicated to churning out medications and vaccines of dubious efficacy and possible high toxicity with a view to making money and then some more money at your expense.

Worse, they are aided and abetted by their “overlords,” the world’s giant fund management groups, BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard. These groups control big pharma — and being profit-seeking machines themselves — have just as little interest in the future of your health as Pfizer and coThe province..

They don’t care whether Covid is real or not. They don’t care whether the vaccine works or not — perhaps they even know it doesn’tThe public health service, wit. They just want shots in arms and bonuses in bank accounts.

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