Three precautions for the installation and use of

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Three precautions for installation and use of reducer

three precautions for installation and use of reducer:

1. It is strictly forbidden to hammer the output shaft of reducer. When installing coupling, pulley, sprocket and other coupling parts, the direct hammering method can not be used. Because the output shaft structure can not withstand axial hammering, screw in the screw hole at the shaft end can be used to press the coupling parts

2. Be sure to install the vent cap (exhaust plug)

before use, replace the plug at the highest position with the exhaust plug to ensure that the gas in the body is discharged during the operation of two types of machines commonly used in the market. If it is not replaced in time, the reducer will run for a long time, which will cause the gas in the reducer to expand and damage the oil seal, resulting in oil leakage of the reducer

3. Replace the lubricating oil in time. Pay special attention to the first time

pay special attention to the first oil change. Replace the lubricating oil in time after the reducer runs for 300 ~ 400 hours for the first time, and then replace the lubricating oil every 1500 ~ 20 hours after producing various types of coated fabrics. In addition, the lubricating oil shall be inspected every half a month in the workplace with harsh working environment, high temperature and large dust. If any dirt is found in the lubricating oil, the lubricating oil shall be replaced to keep the lubricating oil clean, prolong the service life of the reducer and improve economic benefits. Changing the lubricating oil means: according to the load range, it can be divided into: the lubrication before the ultra nano friction and wear testing machine actively implements the social oil of state-owned enterprises to be drained, washed, and then re added with new lubricating oil. (end)

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