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Large projects such as packaging and printing have settled in Tonghua

in promoting the process of three modernizations and accelerating the revitalization and rise, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government further implemented the opening-up drive strategy, and always adhered to the investment pull unswervingly. In the continuous and in-depth activities of the project construction year, a number of large and good projects poured in, highlighting the investment charm of Tonghua city. After winning the honor of China's top 100 investment cities, Tonghua has also won the title of China's top ten investment and entrepreneurship cities. In 2009, 56.1 billion yuan of investment was actually paid in the city, achieving 133.6% of the annual compulsory insurance target of 42 billion yuan and 122% of the target of 46 billion yuan, an increase of 40.4% year-on-year

the proportion of industrial projects has increased. Among the various projects introduced and implemented, there are 1113 industrial projects, with 38.49 billion yuan of actual funds in place, accounting for 68.6%. Dongbao pharmaceutical's 70million human insulin injection preparation production line with a total investment of 220million yuan has successfully passed the GMP certification of the national digital bending and compression testing machine for testing the bending strength of 100x100x400 (mm) 150x150x550 (mm) concrete test and the compressive strength of cement, mortar and other building materials; 16.5 billion yuan projects including 1million tons of reduced iron, biological vaccine, two residues and one ash have been started; A number of key projects such as 200000 tons of beer and 450000 tons of special grade edible alcohol have been completed and put into operation

the scale of investment jumped sharply. The city has introduced 1274 projects with investment of more than 10 million yuan, and the actual funds in place are 52.24 billion yuan, accounting for 93.1% of the total funds in place. Erdaojiang characteristic industrial park has achieved remarkable results by closely focusing on the economic projects of Waigang. Among the 69 newly introduced and transferred projects, 14 projects with a value of more than 100 million yuan and 19 projects with a value of more than 10 million yuan, including Yatai group's cement clinker and comprehensive utilization, 1million tons of metallized pellets, 800000 tons of coking and magnesium alloy processing, Erdaojiang 230000 unit power generation and other projects with a total investment of more than 500 million yuan

the cooperation space is broader. Tonghua Yiwu International Trade City, built with an investment of 800million yuan by Zhejiang Yiwu group, has officially opened; The construction project of Tonghua Litong Color Printing Co., Ltd., jointly invested by Xiamen juding printing and dyeing Co., Ltd., Xiamen Xinglin Tongli Color Printing Co., Ltd. and Tonghua Tianyuan Beverage Co., Ltd., has begun trial production; Tonghua Baili Krones Packaging Co., Ltd., a construction project jointly invested by Zhejiang Xinda Printing Co., Ltd., Guangdong Zhongshan Baiyi Beverage Co., Ltd. and Tonghua Baili Co., Ltd., has completed the main body of the office building and standardized plant, and the cost of material preparation has decreased significantly. It is under internal decoration and is expected to be put into operation in March; Tonghua Baiquan organic food processing and construction project, which is jointly invested by Singapore Shengji private limited, ball pulley and other companies, Hong Kong Hongfu Industrial Co., Ltd. and Tonghua Baiquan ginseng industry Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 150million yuan, has completed the land leveling, and some plant frameworks have been built for two floors; Projects such as Xintiandi shopping park in the Middle East, Gaoli Yujing capital and Longwan guild hall have been launched one after another

the construction momentum of the park is strong. Tonghua has achieved remarkable results in the construction of three provincial-level development zones, five municipal development zones and a large number of characteristic parks. Dongchang, Juxin Economic Development Zone, Liuhe and Huinan economic development zone were awarded the title of provincial advanced industrial concentration zone by the provincial government. Meihekou city plans to develop six parks, namely, the North Ring Industrial Park, the nut food industrial park, the metallurgical industrial park, the trade and logistics park, the science and technology and cultural life park, and the industrial concentration area, with an investment of 440million yuan to strengthen the hardware construction of the park. Six projects with more than 100 million yuan, including the Yinquan Holiday Hotel in Ji'an City and the Taiwang palace tourism, have been settled in one park and four districts. At present, the ginseng Industrial Park of Jilin amendment Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., the steel deep processing project of Tongye spiral tube manufacturing Co., Ltd., the expansion and reconstruction project of Tonghua pesticide factory and petroleum tools Co., Ltd. to speed up the upgrading of plastic granulator technology, and the beer production project of China Resources Snow beer (China) Co., Ltd., which have invested more than 100 million yuan, have become the highlights of the construction of Tonghua economic development zone. Among the 21 projects with more than 100 million yuan in Liuhe County, volcanic rock high-quality rice industrial park, modern tobacco science and Technology Park, basalt science and Technology Industrial Park and other projects have been completed one after another. With a total investment of nearly 2billion yuan, the construction of Changbaishan pharmaceutical logistics project is about to start. The modern logistics industry in Tonghua County, which takes the construction of five projects of Changbaishan pharmaceutical logistics, grain logistics, wood industrial park, mintong building materials and Cultural Industrial Park as the main carrier, has entered a substantive development stage

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