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The demand for Chinese equipment in the packaging and printing market in Southeast Asia continues to expand, and intellectualization has become a general trend

as more and more well-known enterprises in the industry enter the Southeast Asian market, under the circumstances of rising domestic labor costs and market saturation. The relatively cheap labor and increasingly prosperous market in Southeast Asia have made many Chinese funded packaging and printing enterprises have the idea of entering the Southeast Asian market

what is the market situation in Southeast Asia? What should we pay attention to when entering the Southeast Asian market? What is the demand of Southeast Asian enterprises for equipment procurement? With these questions, we made an exclusive interview with Mr. Qi Xiaoyun, chairman of Sanxin International Group, a leader in expanding the Southeast Asian market, to introduce and support the development of strategic emerging industries, and analyze the current situation and some development experience of the Southeast Asian packaging and printing market

70% of Southeast Asian enterprises prefer this team members must meet the requirements of non-smoking purchasing Chinese post press processing equipment

at the 2019 packaging and printing exhibition officially launched on March 4, Mr. Qi Xiaoyun led a group of representatives of Southeast Asian enterprises to watch the exhibition, so that Southeast Asian enterprises have a deeper understanding of Chinese printing and packaging

"the advantages of Chinese equipment are high return rate and low investment cost." Qi Xiaoyun said that in the past, Southeast Asian enterprises have always taken Germany and Japan as their pursuit goals in purchasing equipment. Peek sighting frame is used for remote locking, but in recent years, the quality of equipment made in China has been improved by leaps and bounds

"now in the eyes of Southeast Asian customers, 70% of all post press processing equipment tend to purchase from China, originally 70% tend to purchase from Germany and Japan, and now it is reversed, so I think next, especially the post press processing equipment made in China, including silk printing and label printing, should be said to occupy a priority position among Southeast Asian buyers."

he said that for offset printing, China's competitiveness against Germany and Japan is still not strong, but on the whole, China's equipment has been moving forward. In terms of packaging equipment, Southeast Asian enterprises' purchase demand for Chinese equipment is gradually increasing

under the general trend of intelligent manufacturing, the old and new enterprises in Southeast Asia coexist

for China and the world at large, intelligent management has become a general trend, but the environment in Southeast Asia is different

Qi Xiaoyun said that maybe enterprises in China and the world are developing towards full intelligence, but Southeast Asia will always retain some traditional manufacturing methods

"for enterprises that are purely family owned in Southeast Asia, these enterprises have a history of hundreds of years, and it will take a long process to completely transform them." Qi Xiaoyun said that the working habits and working methods of such enterprises have been fixed, and it is impossible in the short term if you want them to be fully integrated with intelligence

at the same time, a number of new enterprises have emerged in Southeast Asia, which are established by the second generation entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia. They adopt intelligent management that is in line with the world

Southeast Asian enterprises have great differences in the development of intelligence. Qi Xiaoyun said that when entering the Southeast Asian market, we should also consider the market environment in Southeast Asia and be prepared

entering the Southeast Asian market should adapt to the local development conditions

there are great differences between the development of interconnection in Southeast Asia and China. Qi Xiaoyun said that although the 5g era has been gradually opened in China, it is still 4G for Southeast Asia. "4G is actually the function of 3G."

"this is a headache, so it is important for us to adapt to local conditions." Qi Xiaoyun believes that this will hinder the development of enterprise intelligence. To realize intelligent management, we not only need intelligent equipment, professional or experienced intelligent management talents, but also have to adapt to the local market production environment

At the same time, Qi Xiaoyun said that to expand foreign markets, we must adapt to foreign operation methods, understand some local laws and regulations, understand the customs of the local people, and understand the relationship between the local and our investors. "Investors usually send Chinese managers to deal with the relationship between local employees and our managers, otherwise he will resist."

Qi Xiaoyun said that as a professional service platform, Sanxin has great resources in all aspects, including supply, sales, including some supporting facilities and landing in Southeast Asia

"I also hope these enterprises (who want to enter Southeast Asia) can have the opportunity to communicate with us, because Sanxin has service points in Southeast Asia and these countries. We only provide services without charge. As long as enterprises need, we will unconditionally support them."

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