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China's packaging industry needs to strengthen technological innovation

with the continuous improvement of China's economic level, people's lifestyle has become complex and diverse, and the use of plastic packaging bags has also tended to be diversified, especially people's demand for food packaging bags is increasing The packaging bag market is also expanding with the demand. However, due to the implementation of the National Plastic restriction order, the overall profit space of the plastic bag industry has been further compressed. Plastic bag manufacturers are facing this huge competitive pressure, and many manufacturers begin to increase their competitiveness through production volume. However, such development will embark on a vicious cycle, which will greatly hinder the overall development of the plastic industry In the future, if we want to get rid of the current dilemma, we need to strengthen innovation in technology, achieve qualitative improvement in huge output and industrialization of high-end materials The biggest advantage of packaging bag is that it has a broad market space, because our life cannot be separated from it, especially in the food packaging industry. It can not only prolong the shelf life of food, but also solve the health and safety problems of food, and then carry out the experiment again. It has become a dependent product of the food industry. In addition to food, it can also be widely used in medicine, grain and other industries. Therefore, the application space of packaging bag is extremely wide, and the market prospect is very good At present, there is a certain gap between China's packaging bag technology and developed countries, such as Yantai Wanhua, kostron, BASF, Dow Chemical, etc. first of all, the technology is not mature enough according to a survey result from the relevant human resources station, and the corresponding production equipment still uses traditional old equipment, which is still a long way from automated mass production. Therefore, under the prospect of being used in a wide market, We should develop production technology, improve production equipment, increase product technological innovation, accelerate the pace of automated and intelligent production, and improve productivity and production quality

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