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Packaging business software improves enterprise sales

major large companies in the packaging industry do not seem to expect to meet their own needs by training suppliers. They strive to find suppliers in the field of design and delivery that are already at the front end of technology, require them to provide solution oriented services, and realize the best value solution based on low cost, cost savings and high productivity. Basically, enterprises want to find the real answer to the problem, find the real solution to the difficulties, and find additional ways to save money at the same time. If the supplier's products or services cannot meet the above requirements, they will not be able to obtain these major customers

last year, the innovativesystemsgroup (1sg) group, a packaging industry system and software development company located in Raleigh, sold the company's iconic product Softpack workflow to the centralgraphicsandcontainer group (a corrugated paper products processor located in Mississauga, Southeast Canada). After adding the Softpack workflow system to the work platform, CEN bdgraphics has the second largest single business in the company's history, which is mainly due to the company's powerful software system. At present, the company has signed a contract with a multinational consumer goods company looking for suitable suppliers to strengthen its domestic project and product management

"software is one of our best sales tools," said colinbales, vice president of finance of centralgraphics company, the launch of CE, a scientific research achievement. "It allows us to better manage our business and enables us to transition the improved efficiency and cost savings to customers. The software also helps to reduce the development time of new products, improve the sharpness and productivity of enterprise inspection puncture devices, and strengthen quality control."

Craigholmes, regional sales manager of centralgraphics, added, "we now have tools that our competitors do not have. We can use our technology to provide value-added services to customers and reduce their costs."

the purchasing department managers of companies cooperating with centralgraphic believe that "sofipack workflow software is one of the main reasons why we decided to do business with centralgraphic. Centralgraphics has this set of tools that can help it manage our business. Everyone is talking about outstanding customer service at the same time, but centralgraphics has shown us the tools to provide this service. "

isg's sofipack workflow software system provides the corrugated packaging industry with functions such as automatic sales, design interface, customer relationship management, order estimation and login, production planning and scheduling, point of sale data collection, account liquidation and inventory management. The system has the following advantages:

* good user visibility and project tracking

* real time project tracking function

* reduce paperwork

* perfect overall estimation

* design preview and approval before overall estimation

* safe remote control of continuous workflow

* software has become an important sales and marketing tool

the actual work has proved that the business workflow software can reduce the production cycle time by 20% to 25%, and reduce the whole business cycle from the initial sales to the end of the business by 25% to 30%

by introducing new software and technology into the packaging system, the company's entire cycle from new product development to actual production has been potentially reduced by 70%. On this basis, it has further improved customer responsiveness, customer satisfaction and the quality and level of the overall sales process

for centralgraphics, the biggest demand of customers is to manage the whole process of products and services entering the market space through a smooth method of good cooperation. Like other businesses, cost is the most important key issue, and the biggest demand is the overall value of the business - to provide and accept high-quality products and services, thereby having a positive impact on the bottom line

isg's sofipack workflow is a completely customized system designed for the full automation of various businesses and systems. The system does not need any hardware and software installation, and uses the existing e-mail and Internet to realize automatic operation, business tracking, document project management and information exchange and transmission of business participants. All information related to the project is stored in the database, which is convenient to track the change status of the project and check the relevant information of the approved project

in order to maintain strong competitiveness in the new global market space, enterprises must provide the best products, the most powerful prices and the highest level of customer service in the whole process of sales and transportation, which are produced in the environment where such inferior currencies expel good currencies. In this case, what customers are looking for is not only low prices, nor just product suppliers, but also a solution supplier, a comprehensive solution engaged in the overall sales and management process

now, customers have found a suitable software solution that can bring the company's main needs and products to the market space, including packaging, engineering, service, information, transportation and project coordination

every successful enterprise is driven by the processing process and workflow, whether these processes exist on paper or not. Automatic and smooth processing operation technology affects the time limit of business, which brings great time savings, improves information transmission, enhances project management ability and improves sales, all of which affect the bottom line of the enterprise, so as to ensure that the enterprise can make profits in the fiercely competitive market

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