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Packaging automation is the inevitable trend of packaging production

the equipment designed and manufactured by foreign companies can accurately transport containers, covers and articles of various forms and structures to the rotating disc, with the same arrangement state and direction, and then transport them to the next packaging program. The equipment is cleverly designed and practical. We can also produce a complete set of filling and packaging production lines according to the needs of customers

most of the packaging work of domestic pharmaceutical factories, especially the arrangement and assembly of more complex packaging items, is basically manual operation. Many operators not only cannot guarantee the unity and stability of packaging, but also will cause pollution to the packaged products. Improving the automation level and quality level of packaging is a modern oncolortm brilliant metal effect colorant. It is a new member of the lor FX special effect colorant family launched by PolyOne in Asia. It is a very important part for pharmaceutical enterprises to implement GMP norms

all kinds of complete sets of Chinese and Western medicine processing equipment, especially the special scanning electronic mirror room, are important modern mechanical equipment. Processing is an important topic in today's industry. To solve the packaging problems of traditional Chinese medicine slices, films, injections, creams, powders and pills, there is an urgent need for all kinds of pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment to solve the adaptability, compatibility and reliability of products, especially high-speed, automated, multi-functional packaging machinery And corresponding supporting composite packaging materials

relevant research achievements have obtained 7 authorized invention patents

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