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Bag barrier paper materials

Stora Enso's global specialty paper department cooperates with robert`s packaging's c-1500 series high-speed continuous forming/filling/sealing equipment to launch multiflextm bag barrier paper materials. The material has passed a number of tests and pilot production operations, and can add a repeatable zipper at the mouth of the bag

"the combination of multiflex packaging bags and robert`s packaging equipment is flawless," said dawn Soucek, business development manager of Stora Enso's global specialty paper department. "With multiflex, manufacturers have a stronger barrier paper material without aluminum. The use of this new material will not affect the high-speed operation performance of customers' existing robert`s packaging equipment."

"as a supplier providing equipment and outgoing packaging at the same time, we see the potential market for self-supporting bags. Customers are always looking for new and unique packaging materials and require that the packaging bags be as strong as possible." Robert`s packagi "today's sculpture boundaries are becoming wider and wider. NG's general manager Steve koppe said," the packaging solution we launched together with Stora Enso is very environment-friendly. C series high-speed system and its Jinan assaying force, according to Bloomberg's daily guide performance test last month 24, the capability of the mechanism bag will give better play to Stora Enso's multiflex material performance. "

multiflex is approved by FDA. It is a paper barrier material without aluminum, which can replace film and aluminum foil, and is firm and durable. Due to its good barrier performance, it is very suitable for packaging food, helping to block moisture and oxygen, and maintaining the original taste and aroma of food. In addition, multiflex can also carry out post filling detection and RFID tracking

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