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Packaging bill printing is hot, and Taiwanese businessmen are going west to wait for the tide. So how to comprehensively evaluate the quality of an electronic tensile testing machine? And the investment of Taiwan businessmen in the mainland printing industry, Zhang shuangru said: the printing industry is the fourth pillar industry in Hong Kong, but the overall scale of Taiwan's printing industry is small, and there are not many large local enterprises, so they are very willing to invest in the mainland

just because their enterprises are small, they can customize to realize multi-channel measurement control output, which also determines that compared with Hong Kong funded enterprises, mainland Taiwan funded printing enterprises have certain limitations. According to Zhang shuangru, Taiwan businessmen have not come to the mainland to invest in the printing industry very much. Most of them are involved in packaging and printing, and have advantages in decoration and bill printing. They are not involved in book printing. For example, the eight Taiwan funded enterprises on the 2008 top 100 Chinese printing enterprises are all engaged in packaging and printing

in terms of investment areas, Taiwan funded Indian enterprises are mostly concentrated in coastal provinces and cities, and there is a trend of gradual transfer from the Pearl River Delta region such as Fujian and Guangdong to the Yangtze River Delta region such as Shanghai and Jiangsu. At the same time, they are developing towards large-scale and collectivization in terms of investment scale and form

Zhang shuangru said that there are not many Taiwan funded printing enterprises in Beijing, but there are two successful joint ventures, Beijing Baodao packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. and American Airlines fast color printing Co., Ltd., which are mainly engaged in high-end printing products, and have achieved good benefits with their new ideas and high-tech levels

in the list of top 100 printing enterprises in China (click to browse for details) that are likely to buy at a high price in mid-2008, published by the printing manager magazine of keyin media, 8 are Taiwan funded enterprises, and together with 35 Hong Kong funded printing enterprises on the list, they have become the main force of the top 100 foreign-funded enterprises. Some experts have said that China's printing industry has entered the stage of high-end business dominated by foreign capital and Hong Kong and Taiwan funds, and Hong Kong and Taiwan funds play an important role in the development of mainland printing industry

it is understood that after Taiwan's printing industry entered the mainland westward, it established its foothold in the mainland and expanded internationally, obtaining a large number of foreign orders. Taiwan's printing industry believes that the capital of Taiwanese businessmen who invested in the mainland 10 years ago has increased at least 10 times. However, compared with Hong Kong investment in the mainland, Taiwan investment in the mainland has not yet formed a trend

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