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In order to resist the trend of excessive packaging, Yangzi Evening News and environmental protection departments called on citizens to "report" the excessive packaging provided by people around them, but the actual situation in use is not ideal. In the four days since the collection of golden ideas and luxury packaging, hundreds of luxury packaging boxes, including tea boxes, moon cake boxes, health care products boxes and wine bottles, have been received from citizens. At present, the activity of changing boxes into small gift bags has ended, but many citizens who supported the activity still volunteered to send luxury boxes

at the Yangzi Evening News collection point, the staff responsible for the reception told that although the small gift bag had been sent, the public reaction was still very strong, and one of the drivers sent the packing box for the company boss. The driver, who asked not to be named, said that his boss was usually very frugal and had always been dissatisfied with the packaging at the cost of wasting resources. After learning about the activity of the Yangtze Evening News and the Nanjing Environmental Protection Bureau, he immediately sent the luxury packaging boxes received during the festival. He believed that using limited resources to meet the face of people's exchanges was indeed contrary to our national tradition, Such spending money on packaging should be stopped. Our resources are not very rich. Every citizen should have such environmental awareness

in addition, there is a prize solicitation "packing box, what should I do with you?" The golden idea activity is still in progress and will continue until the 25th of this month. Citizens can participate in discussions in a variety of ways. Wang Juan

golden idea selection

idea 1: I am a Gaochun citizen. We produce a large number of Gucheng Lake crabs here. The crabs are similar in size to moon cakes, and the time to market is also the same. Therefore, it is easy to change the recycled moon cake box into a crab box, and kill two birds with one stone. Why not

point 2: cut the opening at an appropriate position obliquely, and fix it in a group properly to insert classified documents


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