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Packaging can also be fatal—— When will the drug packaging defects stop?

[China Packaging News] at the first aid moment, with the liquid drugs entering the blood vessels, there are still glass debris. Does anyone dare to use such drugs? Such packaging defects exist in an emergency medicine called sodium bicarbonate injection. The former State Food and Drug Administration once issued a document to urgently stop the packaging of ordinary sodium calcium glass bottles. However, after a period of time, some enterprises are still producing and selling, and some provinces still include drugs of relevant specifications in the scope of bidding for large quantities of purchases

perhaps the patient never thought that the drugs used to save lives at the critical moment were most likely masked killers wearing sharp knives, which made people's backs cold. Strangely, this life-threatening drug not only exists, but also has a broad market, and this existence is not an unintentional mistake, because the packaging defect of the drug has long been an open secret within the industry. Abandoning this backward packaging method obviously cannot rely solely on the consciousness and self-discipline of enterprises, although we also hope that every enterprise itself can flow with the blood of morality. However, in addition, how should we guard against such dangers

in this regard, we have not issued documents and regulations. On November 8, 2012, the former State Food and Drug Administration issued the notice on strengthening the supervision and administration of pharmaceutical glass packaging injections, which clearly requires that the use of the pharmaceutical glass bottle be stopped immediately, and that standardized research be carried out again to select appropriate pharmaceutical packaging materials. But some production and sales enterprises turn a deaf ear. What is the reason

in such an advanced era of science and technology, it is believed that it is not difficult to find a suitable packaging material. How many high-tech materials can be found or created. Is it so difficult to find a safe pharmaceutical packaging material to record the maximum tension exerted? Of course not. The problem is that for manufacturers, using glass bottles to contain drugs can greatly reduce costs and be more competitive in the market. Only in their dictionary, there are no other words except cost and profit, such as life. Knowing that this drug will produce debris and be brought into the patient's body after a long time of contact with the glass bottle, which will cause life-threatening, we are still only concerned about reducing the cost. When the medical industry, which is shouldering the mission of curing diseases and saving people, is so mercenary and manufactures life-threatening medical devices, what is the difference between killing money and life

it is also well known that there are many hurdles in the production, circulation and use of drugs. The first hurdle is the conscience of the production enterprise, the second hurdle is the detection of the regulatory department. Under the background that the use of drugs is prohibited by documents, there is also the supervision of the circulation process. People who change hydraulic oil don't understand why such harmful packaging can still be popular and even popular under so many checkpoints? Where is the conscience of the enterprise, the management of relevant departments, and the real supervision

ironically, at present, the only way to make this drug less lethal is to use it up before the glass debris appears in the reaction between the drug and the packaging bottle, but who can guarantee that it will be used up in time? Besides, even if the debris is invisible to the naked eye, does the debris really disappear? Or who is responsible for the problems that occur after the patient uses it? How to prescribe the right medicine for patients who do not know where to go in case of adverse reactions? In our medical era of extensive use of vials, it is not uncommon for transfusion deaths to occur in clinics. Isn't such a tragedy worthy of vigilance and reflection? In the medical industry, which is responsible for treating patients and saving people, is a person's life regarded as so light

because of the problem of packaging, drugs may become poisons, which is a terrible black irony. The existence of this kind of black satire makes people feel not the prosperity of technology, but the coldness of manufacturers' emotions. I hope such black satire will no longer appear around us, and I hope the medical industry will cherish the warmth of life more

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