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There is strong demand in the packaging and printing market, and American printing enterprises have set off a hot purchase of equipment

recently, American packaging and printing enterprises have taken measures to expand plant area and invest in new equipment, showing a new wave of investment. According to the reports of relevant packaging and printing enterprises, at present, the sales of these enterprises are showing a double-digit growth momentum. In fact, in the face of electronic cross media competition, packaging printing, as a part of the printing market, has not been affected

the plant area of zumbiel packaging company in Cincinnati in Hebron has been expanded by 180000 square feet, and a 56 inch Roland r900uv printer has been added to KY plant. The company currently covers a total area of 500000 feet

according to the relevant person in charge, zumbiel packaging company is the first cardboard packaging supplier with FSC certification in the beverage industry, and has the largest cardboard packaging customer base in the United States

boehmerbox invested 10million US dollars to purchase new equipment, and the offset printing factory of the cardboard packaging department recruited 40 new employees to cope with the annual 20% increase in sales, as pointed out in the evaluation report

this time, the company purchased a 56 inch high poly Bida 142 six color printing engine oil for the 320000 foot factory. It is equipped with a polishing unit, which can be used for UV and paperboard packaging and printing. At present, the plant has 270 employees and is equipped with a digital color printer, a paper cutter and a new printing equipment

the newly purchased gaobao equipment will be used for traditional paperboard printing. At the same time, for inks with less than 5000 pieces and other related live parts, digital printing will be carried out along with the mediation and upgrading of people's economic tension, such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation and so on

Hammer Packaging Company in New York invested to purchase a 64 inch format eight color sheet fed offset press equipped with glazing device, so as to meet the company's sales growth trend of two digits per year in the next five years. With total assets of $90million, the company has 400 employees, covers an area of 400000 square feet, and has three factories. Current situation and trend

our competitors have six color printing equipment, and we also found that customers often design labels with eight colors. So we chose to buy new equipment book reviews to enhance our competitiveness and meet the growing market demand. Said jinhammer, President and CEO of hammer packaging company

totalpackagingsolutions, located in Ohio, has purchased a 17 inch format P7 flexible printing equipment of mcandi performance series, which can successfully solve the dilemma of lead and bismuth smelting in the new material workshop of 8 Guiyang smelter, including color printing and UV functions. Recently, the company began to provide label and packaging material printing services for customers in the cigarette bag industry, and is planning to purchase offset printing and related printing equipment

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