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Printing enterprises need to move towards the digital world

there is no doubt that the printing industry is an ancient industry, which carries the mission of disseminating information, but this does not mean that printing enterprises do not need marketing communication. On the contrary, in the current market competitive environment, it is increasingly important to let customers know the business ability and brand image of the enterprise in time. Therefore, the printing industry urgently needs to pay attention to the latest communication technology. On the one hand, it is to promote itself, on the other hand, it is also to understand the market development trend. We know why the printing industry has lost the market again and again in the recent 30 years due to the technical pressure of interconnection and mobile storage technology. A very important reason is that the printing enterprises are too passive, and they do not understand or care about the development of technology, Without preparation, there seems to be no choice but to give in

we need to let the printing enterprises understand that if we learn about the new technological development earlier, we can not only own it, but also open up new markets. As a kind of QR code of two-dimensional bar code that is currently hot discussed, QR code is being paid more and more attention. QR code comes from the abbreviation of response when quick res further reduces the product cost, that is, the meaning of rapid response, which originates from the inventor's hope that QR code can make its content decoded quickly

for the printing industry, this is an opportunity that should not be missed. This is a key step for printing to move towards the digital world. In 2011, a QR code technology may play a key role

now QR codes have ushered in a period of prosperous development. These black-and-white boxes will automatically connect users to the network when they are photographed and scanned, so as to obtain more relevant information. At present, this technology has matured

at the same time, large enterprises such as vetros and Marks & Spencer have begun to use QR code in their marketing materials (vetros has even added QR code to its TV advertisements). Obviously, the current market is ready, and consumers will eventually get used to using it as a work to obtain product information, a multimedia platform. And whether the enterprises in the printing industry are ready

although QR code is just a simple monochrome picture, which can be produced easily, printing enterprises do not seem to be in a hurry to bring QR code to customers. As a result, the printing industry is facing the risk of lagging behind other media in the future marketing communication market. Marketers are more likely to use non printing communication tools. If the printing industry gains a place in this market, it should make its own voice

as early as the 1990s, Japan began to develop Q1. Power supply: measuring whether the power socket is the application of av220vr code, applying it to the production of auto parts, and the hammer factory we evaluated not long ago, and gradually becoming a marketing tool in the daily life of this country with nearly 127million people. When Peter jolly, the marketing manager of Debao international, a post press equipment supplier, visited the factory in Japan, QR code was prominently used in marketing activities, which made him believe that it would be the key to the future development of the printing industry

we believe that collaterals can strengthen the printing of QR codes, which seems to be a practical way to connect printing and collaterals, he explained. You don't have to turn on your computer or log in to search engines. In fact, these places will also distract you. QR code can be used to obtain product information at the first time, which will be a fantastic opportunity for printing enterprises

jolly said that when the QR code on the business card is scanned, the owner's photo, email address and information will be automatically stored

The application of QR code in the printing industry is still very slow. At the beginning of 2010, Debao was one of the few enterprises to apply QR code in its advertising materials, but in the past few weeks, such as gaobao and Heidelberg have begun to apply QR code in this regard

in this regard, pollards printing company sets an example for the final industry of printing enterprises. The company's documents are now printed with QR codes, which can be connected to other videos about the company's recent renaming. The company also recommended QR code to its customers. For printing enterprises, it is not enough to just add the company address connection to the QR code. For many printing enterprises, there is no one specially designed for browsing, and the normal standing screen looks very bad. This link should preferably be exciting, useful or innovative new content

qr code is just an example. For printing enterprises, it is important to polish our eyes and completely change our inherent concepts. New media and new technology are not necessarily wolves. As long as we change our thinking, wolves will also become sheep

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