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Printing enterprises should attach great importance to it technology when entering e-commerce

recently, media reports said that due to factors such as meager profits, land shortages, and tight funds, the printing industry in Cangnan county achieved an output value of 1.638 billion yuan above Designated Size from January to June, an increase of 1.8% year-on-year, an increase of 2.9 percentage points year-on-year and 4.37 percentage points month on quarter. Although the output value of the whole industry increased in the second quarter, the development of the industry was not optimistic. Some printing enterprises report that the production and operation situation this year is not as good as last year. Many enterprises take survival as their business goal, and the development of the whole industry has encountered many problems

the dilemma of the business situation of Cangnan printing industry, which has the title of China's Printing City, is the epitome of the current sluggish development of China's traditional printing industry. It has become the dream of countless printing enterprises to go to the IT industry and become a printing e-commerce to grab higher profits. The hot situation of the first annual printing e-commerce conference held in March to continuously improve international competitiveness, as well as the endless new printing concepts such as web printing and cloud printing, profoundly reflects the printer's tireless pursuit of new technologies in the Web era

however, new problems arise. Whether the printing industry moves towards it or the IT industry welcomes printing, which model has the most development prospects is also controversial. In July this year, in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, the image printing business invested heavily by Tiger color set sail. When looking at this controversial issue, chairman Chen Chengwen said confidently that our advantage is us, but the reality of the unbalanced development of class a materials in China's building materials market knows more about printing. At the same time, the Impressionists have been quietly sitting in the position of the leader of printing e-commerce for a long time. This mode of providing only it platforms and finding printing factories for OEM has also sprung up in the market competition, and the modes such as snap fish, which are directly participated in by digital printing equipment manufacturers, also occupy a certain market share. The situation of printing enterprises, it platform providers and printing equipment suppliers is quite similar to that of platform providers, terminal providers, content providers and service operators in the digital publishing market. But in the latter, the position of platform providers has been very stable and has almost become the mainstream of the domestic market

to illustrate the importance of IT platform providers, the author gives two examples

the first example involves the dispute between paper media and Internet media. Since the financial crisis, various news about the launch of digital editions or the suspension of print editions by newspaper companies have been heard, and many internationally renowned newspapers have simply closed down. Just when newspapers represented by the New York Times launched digital editions one after another, but still lamented that they could not make up for the losses caused by the decline in print advertising, Amazon CEO Bezos' acquisition of the Washington Post spread like wildfire, causing an uproar in the market. Although Bezos has always emphasized that this acquisition is a personal behavior, it still cannot hide Amazon's ambition to control the source of content and build or transform traditional paper media into Internet enterprises. This may be the way out and opportunity for the development of traditional media, but it also declares that it has always been proud of controlling the content end to a certain extent, And intends to rely on its own strength to realize the bankruptcy of the newspaper dream of digital transformation

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