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Shenzhen printing enterprises actively responded to the survey of the labor contract law. Since the implementation of the labor contract law, how has the implementation of Shenzhen enterprises been? Are workers still suffering from wage arrears and buyouts? What are the difficulties of enterprises? Yesterday, vice mayor Li Ming and his party went deep into Xing'an Street in Bao'an to investigate the implementation of the new law

have you signed labor contracts with all employees? Is there a trade union? What rights do employees enjoy in trade unions? As soon as he stepped into the door of relief printing Co., Ltd., vice mayor Li Ming asked directly. Li Ming laughed with satisfaction after learning that the signing rate of the company's labor contracts had reached 100%, that it had signed unfixed term labor contracts with more than 200 qualified employees, and that party branches and trade unions had been officially established at the end of last year, and that employees could enjoy the treatment of ownership

the labor contract law can't support lazy people

according to research, relief printing and other enterprises are enterprises that have better implementation of the labor contract law. Before and after the implementation of the new law, they have signed labor contracts with employees, paid employees' wages on time, and purchased work injury, medical and endowment insurance for employees. While investigating and finding out the situation, Li Ming also constantly pays attention to the feedback of enterprises on the implementation of the new law. As an enterprise, what are your opinions on the implementation of the new law? What are your concerns? Li Ming asked

in order to safeguard the rights and interests of workers, the new law puts forward higher requirements for enterprises, but in the process of employment, we found that individual workers blindly pursue and emphasize their own interests, and there is a phenomenon of inaction. The relevant person in charge of letterpress suggested that the new law should not only restrict enterprises, but also improve the requirements for workers

in this regard, Li Ming specifically mentioned that the first half of this year is a critical period for the implementation and implementation of the labor contract law, and we should focus on two aspects: on the one hand, we should strengthen the connection between production and demand, and the relevant heads of enterprises should learn to master the labor contract law, act in accordance with the law, and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of employees; On the other hand, employees should also strengthen the study of labor law and safeguard their rights according to law. They should not slack off in the name of safeguarding their rights and damage the interests of the enterprise. The labor contract law cannot replace some lazy people in the market traditionally occupied by metals. Enterprises cannot lay off people at any time, and employees cannot give up at any time. When the preload P is 1.0kn, workers appeal, and both parties should resolve disputes through negotiation. Li Ming said

overtime in peak seasons can be properly balanced

it is understood that many processing enterprises in Shenzhen often have off-season and peak season. In the off-season, even if the workload is not saturated, we will pay our employees full wages. In the peak season, we receive more orders, and the employees understand that they are also willing to work overtime to get more overtime wages, but the enterprise is afraid of violating the law in operation, and often falls into a dilemma. Said the boss of Shenzhen Lingjin Electronics Co., Ltd

you can negotiate with the grass-roots labor stations to balance the working hours for a whole month and a whole year. In the busy season, you can appropriately relax the regulations on overtime to ensure the efficiency of the enterprise. In the off-season, you can reduce the working hours so that employees can get enough rest. Li Ming said. He also stressed that whether in the off-season or peak season, wages and overtime wages must be paid to employees in full and on time in strict accordance with the provisions of the labor contract law, and labor stations must be well controlled

in view of the problem that the enterprise and employees agreed on remuneration in advance and caused disputes afterwards, the relevant person in charge of the Bao'an District Labor Bureau who accompanied the investigation suggested that when the enterprise and employees agreed on wages or labor remuneration, the basic wage, overtime wage, additional subsidies and other wage structures should be clearly set according to law, so as to effectively safeguard the interests of the enterprise or employees and avoid causing disputes over the material ldquo; Industrial technology and physical assets rdquo; Both have reached the international advanced level

in just one morning, vice mayor Li Ming and his delegation investigated three enterprises, praised and encouraged enterprises that implemented the labor contract law according to law and had harmonious labor relations, and ordered enterprises that did not purchase work-related injury, medical and endowment insurance for their employees according to law to make regular rectification. In the process of implementing the new law, both labor and capital need a process of learning and adaptation. Grass roots labor stations should take the initiative to serve enterprises and workers and act as a bridge for communication between the two sides. Li Ming said that enterprises and employees should strengthen communication, digest problems and differences within the enterprise, and build a harmonious labor relationship is beneficial to both enterprises and employees

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