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Printing enterprises should take the road of sustainable development

although the impact resistance of impact testing machine is very strong, printing enterprises cannot engage in short-term behavior, but must adhere to sustainable development. Because of the huge investment, the payback period is relatively long; Because it is a service-oriented enterprise, the relationship between supply and demand is seriously uneven, printing enterprises need a relatively loose environment; Because training and process innovation require early investment, enterprises should be mentally prepared for long-term operations. If they are willing to invest, they should also get a return from the investment

a well-developed enterprise should often take the initiative to analyze the changes in the market and deal with the changes with confidence. However, many printing enterprises in the irrational development environment are struggling to maintain their livelihoods. They are left and right in the wave after wave of annihilation of the price avalanche, and it is difficult to discuss the work of the enterprise from the perspective of sustainable development. Rolling technical transformation of equipment is the material basis for the sustainable development of enterprises. With the advent of high tariffs and low wages, the source of funds for technological transformation has collapsed, and the continuous technological transformation has become passive water and rootless trees. The operator of the enterprise clearly knows that what he undertakes is the maintenance and appreciation of assets, which is the purpose of the investor to hire the operator to manage the enterprise. The purpose of technological transformation is to maintain the vitality of enterprises and keep the equipment in line with the needs of market development. When technological transformation cannot guarantee profitability, technological transformation has become "hot potato". You see: the technical content of equipment is constantly improving, and the price of equipment is becoming more and more expensive. The high efficiency and improper competition of equipment lead to the decline of labor price, which makes the enterprise benefit decline. This is a reality that enterprises have to admit and deal with. This situation tells us that only by further improving the productivity, further improving the management level of the enterprise, and reaching a consensus across the industry to obtain a reasonable basic wage from the upstream enterprises, can the printing enterprise be maintained. Blindly fighting a price war, only for the immediate survival of an enterprise, the result (107) construction adhesive must be to do everything possible, so that the development of the industry has come to a standstill. Whether the wave of technological transformation set off by the printing industry during the ninth five year plan and the tenth five year plan will fall back and fade during the eleventh five year plan is a worrying problem

a well-developed enterprise should also strengthen the training of its staff, which is the human basis for its sustainable development. With the increase of personnel mobility, the relatively compact staffing, and the lack of enthusiasm of teachers to teach apprentices, the investment of enterprises in human training has also become stingy. The stinginess mentioned here does not mean the lack of relevant funds, but the fear that enterprises will become functional bases for training new people, such as value automatic shifting, zeroing and data query, which will ultimately benefit competitors. Many large-scale printing enterprises have classrooms with complete facilities, which are likely to be more used for new workers to enter the following standards: gb/t12583 ⑼ 8 factory for basic education, usually used for staff learning and training is limited. From another point of view, there are also two kinds of situations in the technician team: either they pay attention to actual operation and don't care about job level identification; Or it is the technical school students who have just graduated, and the proportion of intermediate workers is increasing, but their practical ability is not flattering. An enterprise without human resources reserves cannot guarantee the sustainable development of the enterprise

in a word, printing enterprises should have a basic living environment and a strategic vision of sustainable development. Being eager for quick success and instant benefit and impetuous should never become the quality of entrepreneurs. In the construction of the basic living environment of printing enterprises, it is difficult for government departments to shirk their responsibilities, and it is also difficult for industry associations to shirk their responsibilities. It seems that the work of trade associations at all levels should shift from making money by holding exhibitions to the focus of making money and striving to create a good environment for the development of the industry

sustainable development is the pursuit of enterprises. Sustainable development enables enterprises to maintain youthful vitality and adapt to market changes. We expect the government to create a better external environment for the sustainable development of enterprises. At the same time, we also hope to create an internal atmosphere for the sustainable development of enterprises through our own efforts, so as to be in the forefront of the development of the industry and become the leader of printing enterprises with both qualifications and capabilities

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