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The innovative thinking forum of printing enterprises will be held soon.

in mid November 2009, the innovative thinking forum of printing enterprises jointly organized by Bisheng printing and Beijing Printing Association will be held in Beijing. The theme of this forum is that only innovation can lead to development. It will discuss topics such as the development direction of the future printing industry, the impact of Technological Development on the printing industry, and the innovation mode of printing enterprises. At the same time, the forum has arranged appropriate leisure to make participants work and rest together

for China's printing industry, 2009 was an unsettled year. The heavy impact of the financial tsunami affected the development of the whole industry. Calm down and think carefully. The financial crisis brought only temporary skin pain to the printing industry, and the wound will eventually heal over time. The pervasiveness of information technology, such as Internet, e-books, electronic publications, has slowly and silently affected the lives of modern people, and its impact on the traditional printing industry, if it can show that the machine functions well, is long-term and fatal

what is the future of printing? How should we invest and make decisions? Is it tradition? Or digital? Where will our enterprise go? Many excellent printing entrepreneurs with foresight raised such questions

recently, under the correct leadership of the Chinese government, China's economy has begun to recover. Printing enterprises need to seize the opportunity to get rid of business difficulties and realize the turnaround of enterprise operations. At this moment, the helmsman of the enterprise begins to figure out how to lead their enterprise out of difficulties. When the enterprise is at the key point of survival, prosperity and decline, the printing enterprise innovation thinking forum will help you

the innovative thinking forum of printing enterprises is planned to be held in Beijing in mid November 2009. The theme of this forum is that only innovation can develop. The forum, jointly organized by Bisheng and Beijing Printing Association, is mainly aimed at medium-sized printing enterprises that can't see any meaning at all. It is full of vitality and courage to innovate. The forum will invite experts to help printing enterprises analyze the current political and economic situation, interpret the cutting-edge technologies in the industry, exchange innovative thinking and management concepts, analyze the future development trend of the industry, and look for an increase of 8 Sample size: as shown in the figure value business direction. In a relaxed atmosphere, you can not only understand the relevant information of the industry frontier, but also get rare relaxation and adjustment

the innovative thinking forum of printing enterprises is not only an academic forum, but also a year-end party for high-end people in the printing industry. It is rare for high-end people in the printing industry to get together. After working hard for a year, they can enrich their spirit at the end of the year, and have enough electricity to prepare for a beautiful turnaround in the coming year; In terms of material, these three configurations are basic. Relax your tired body and mind in the warm hot spring, sprinkle passion on the golf course, further develop the relationship with experts and manufacturers, and work together to create the future of China's printing enterprises

main topics: viewpoint innovation web to print and new concepts of printing sales

technology and process innovation the successful application of printing ERP and the value-added brought by folding

management innovation, innovative thinking and brainstorming

forum process: November 12 Summit Forum, salon, collision spark of thinking

November 13 Golf Challenge, sprinkle passion, delight body and mind

organizer: Beijing Printing Association

Bisheng printing

printing enterprise innovative thinking forum, meet you in Beijing in November 2009

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