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Xinjiang printing enterprises participate in the poverty alleviation work of the "Oriental project"

seven publishing houses in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Xinhua Bookstore in the autonomous region and Xinhua Bookstore in Urumqi recently came to Hani village, xiaoerbag Township, Hotan City, and delivered 86000 yuan worth of books, audio-visual products, book shelves, specimen clamping force will change with wear, newspaper shelves, DVD players and other equipment. This is a joint poverty alleviation action of the cultural and publishing departments of the autonomous region under the unified coordination of the Dongfeng Project Rural Bookstore Project Office of the Publishing Bureau of the autonomous region and the poverty alleviation working group

Hani village is a poverty-stricken village at the autonomous region level, with a total of 420 households, including 120 poor households and 60 extremely poor households. Since the working group of the Publishing Bureau of the autonomous region stationed in the village in March this year, it has taken poverty alleviation and assistance as a breakthrough, and formed unqualified products to enter the market into a poverty alleviation idea of combining blood transfusion with hematopoiesis, material poverty alleviation with conceptual poverty alleviation, and short-term poverty alleviation with long-term poverty alleviation

Zhu Gensheng, the leader of the working group, said: in order to change the ideas of poor households, we selected maimaimaituerxun abbibra, a sheep raising expert, and gulia ikasmu, a carpet weaving expert, as examples of getting rich, and taught the experience of getting rich in the way that people around us talked about things around us, which greatly enhanced the confidence of poor households to get rid of poverty and become rich. In mid July, the working group will also hold a training course on jujube and walnut planting management technology to guide villagers to learn advanced agricultural production technology

during the visit, the working group found out how to choose the appropriate stress testing machine. Now some children in some families were absent from school. They immediately communicated with their parents and children, and established an information interaction mechanism with the school, which solved the problem of 12 students' absenteeism. The working group also sent two members who knew Chinese as off-school counselors to the school to give lectures on safety, ideology and morality every week. During the summer vacation this year, the working group will also select 10 primary school students who are excellent in both character and learning to visit other places by plane and broaden their horizons

in terms of using labor export to get rid of poverty and become rich, up to now, the working group has organized 6 two-year-old students from Heni village to participate in employment training such as manual carpet making, fruit grafting and automobile maintenance at the South China branch of the "National Engineering Research Center for engineering plastics" built in Changping Town, and 13 labor workers have been sent to Hotan Xingtian installation Co., Ltd. The working group also plans to train 20 computer operators, electricians and printing technicians for the village free of charge by using the platform of the technical school training center of the Publishing Bureau of the autonomous region, and actively negotiate with large enterprises such as Xinjiang Xinhua printing factory to export surplus labor

in addition, the fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping warehouse invested by the working group can increase the income of the village collective economy by 80000 yuan per year. In May this year, the Publishing Bureau of the Autonomous Region decided to invest more than 400000 yuan in the construction of animal sheds for poor households, gate culverts, farmland anti-seepage canals, road hardening and other projects. At present, the funds in place have reached 230000 yuan

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